3 Reasons Why Buying A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Virtually Is A Good Idea

For first-time mobile homeowners, moving from a traditional home to a mobile home can be daunting. With so many designs, sizes, locations, and prices, the options can be endless and confusing. 

The State of Florida is second only to Texas when it comes to the number of mobile homes, but Florida is becoming more and more popular due to its favorable weather all year round. If you are looking to move into a mobile home in Florida, look no other place than Sarasota.

Have you been entertaining the idea of finally taking the plunge to purchase your Sarasota Florida mobile home and feel you are finally ready?

Nokomis Florida Mobile Home
Sarasota Mobile Home

Only one problem, you live several hundred or even thousands of miles away from the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida and are unable to jump on a plane to travel and see a mobile home right when it is listed.

With how busy the market is at this time of this writing we totally understand!

Today, we want to address the top 3 reasons why buying your Sarasota Florida mobile home virtually is the best way to go about purchasing a mobile home quickly for a good price!

Reason 1: The Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Market Is Liquid.

It is not surprising that the mobile home market moves just as fast if not faster than the real estate market does. When a good property is listed, many times, it is sold before it is even on the market due to the Sellers, such as we at The Mobile Home Dealer, having a long list of qualified Buyers ready to buy at a moment’s notice. When a property comes up a Buyer has to move quickly!

Reason 2: Technology

With the rise in virtual meetings and phone calls that have risen dramatically in the past two years since the pandemic, it is far more normal now than ever before that the Seller is capable of showing their home virtually through either a Zoom call, a Facetime call or a YouTube video. If this is new technology to you look to embrace it and learn the basics so that you are able to see a mobile home through one of these mediums and not rely on traditional still photos.

Reason 3: Good Deals Move Fast

Anytime you see a mobile home for sale around the Sarasota Florida area that is priced fairly it will move faster than ones that are overpriced. If you see a home that you like that has a fair price attached to it look to see how you can see the home virtually and make an offer on it. If you don’t there will be several other Buyers both locally and at a distance who will!

Not convinced? Wait, there are more reasons why Sarasota Florida is a food location for your mobile home.

A.) Warranty. In the State of Florida, all mobile home manufacturers are required to warranty their homes for at least one year from the date of the sale. There is also another warranty when the home is installed and should not be less than one year from the date of issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. No homes should be purchased from an unlicensed mobile home dealer. 

B.) Location. Sarasota Florida offers a number of mobile home parks and communities with many white sand beaches. Sarasota is one of the main destinations for people who stay during the Northern winter season. The mobile nature of mobile homes allows owners the ability to choose a location suitable to their needs and taste. 

C.) Cheap. The Florida housing market is in inflation and the cost of real estate continues to increase. Buying a mobile home though won’t break the bank. Mobile homes are highly affordable compared to traditional onsite-built homes. And since Sarasota is one of the perfect locations for mobile homes, you’re not going to be alone.

Sarasota Florida mobile home
Sarasota Florida mobile home

D.) Live cheaper, simple, and minimalistic. Living in a mobile home gives the owner the ability to live closer to minimalistic life while enjoying the luxury of Saratosa’s tourist attractions. Of course, with limited space, why bother buying things that are not so important? Many mobile homeowners actually learn how to declutter and become organized.

E.) Friendly neighborhood. Sarasota is known to have friendly mobile home parks with friendly homeowners. Unlike in conventional homes where neighbors often argue due to a number of things like fences, this is not happening inside a mobile home park because there is no fence to argue about, and no trees, plants, and other greens that could lead to neighbors’ altercations. Additionally, people who are living in mobile homes understand their responsibilities as homeowners.

There are many more good things why buying a mobile home in Sarasota Florida is a good idea. If you can’t decide immediately, try to visit the City and stay for a couple of weeks to test it yourself. There are a lot of beaches, rivers, and other tourist destinations to visit.

Regardless of what the Sarasota Florida mobile home industry is doing, there are always plenty of good-priced deals to be had. The key to snatching one of these good deals up, now more than ever is the ability to move quickly to secure your position within the home. Asking to see the home in person and then looking to travel down if you are out of state can add several days to the buying process which could very well lead to the home being sold out from underneath you.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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