5 Reasons You SHOULD Consider Living In A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Park!

When looking at different housing options it is easy to immediately go to single family homes, condos or apartment homes as these are, generally speaking, the most common types of home that people are used to.

Although these type of living situations may be more common than mobile home parks to many we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, believe that if you are not familiar with living in a mobile home park at the time of this reading then by the time you finish the article you surely will be!

Today, we will be reviewing the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living In A Mobile Home Park

1. Affordability:

 At the time of this writing, the average lot rent for Manatee County and Sarasota County Florida is around $900.

Within this lot rent fee the park will usually include the residents water bill, sewer bill, trash bill, lawn care and usage of the park amenities.

After the lot rent is paid the only other bills one will have to pay are for the electric and the cable/internet.

Where else can you live in one of the most highly desirable areas of the United States for around $1,000 a month?!

2. Hands Free Living:

Most every mobile park in the area provides the lawn care, amenity upkeep and common area maintenance within the mobile home park.

When living in a park the only areas that residents need to take care of themselves will be the inside of their actual home.

By living in a mobile home within a mobile home park the resident is provided the opportunity to have a hands free living experience opening up additional time that they can spend doing the activities they truly enjoy!

3. Sense Of Community

Most mobile home parks have a great sense of community created through events orchestrated by the park manager.

These events are usually held year round and include social activities such as group park outings to local attractions, food pitch ins within the park, Holiday get togethers and dances just to name a few.

There is something for everyone to feel a park of the group when living in a mobile home park

4. High End Living WIthout The Headache

Most parks have pools, hot tubs and club houses while others have tennis courts, dog parks fitness facilities and walking trails.

If one were to think about how much this would cost them individually if they were to pay for all of things themselves out of pocket it would cost them thousands of dollars a month.

With residency inside a mobile home park these features all come standard in the lot rent fee.

5. Easily Sold

 Mobile homes on leased land have titles associated with the ownership and not deeds.

This means that if the resident wants to sell their mobile home quickly they can because most transactions are cash based and do not require a mortgage.

Having the ability to move on to the next chapter of ones life without the delays of a traditional real estate sale is an attribute only mobile home offer.

When looking at whether or not you should be looking at a mobile home we suggest reviewing the above list to educate yourselves on just a few of the pros that mobile home living offers those who call a mobile home park their home!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life. 

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