Are Sarasota Florida Mobile Homes Really “Mobile”?

Have you ever wondered what is in a name?

When you think about this it would, logically, make sense for a name of something to clearly state what, exactly, the item or activity is.


When looking at moving a mobile home located in and around Sarasota Florida that is not exactly the case.

But, why is that?

When mobile homes leave the factory they have axels, wheels and tires welded to the bottom of the home. Many times all of these items will still be on the home today, regardless of what age the property is.

It is often an entertaining excursion to peel back the skirting of an older mobile home to see the deflated, decaying tires that were once pulling the home down the road years ago!

We, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, are happy to help answer the age old question; is a mobile home really mobile?

Mobile homes in Florida can in fact be moved from where they currently reside if they are 20 years older or newer.

The reason for this age restriction is the Department of Motor Vehicles will not issue a permit to move a mobile home if it is older than 20 years old because they feel it will not safe to move it along county or state roads.

Seeing as that a mobile home is large enough in stature to require a permit to be moved, if it does not have a permit then it can not be moved, if it is too old to have a permit then there is option to move the home.

The average age of a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida County is that of a 1976 home.

Basic math will tell you then that the average age of a mobile home is far too old to obtain a permit to legally and safely transport the property from one location to another.

With this understood it would be safe to say that the majority of all mobile homes one sees in and around the Sarasota Florida area can not be moved and where they are currently located will, more than likely, will be their final resting place.

Although the term “mobile” does not exactly apply to the majority of the homes one sees around Sarasota County it is one that is commonly used to described these types of homes, regardless of how accurate the term is.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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