Are Sarasota Mobile Homes Selling As Fast As Real Estate?

How Fast Are Sarasota Mobile Homes Selling?

Anytime one turns on the news, they’re bombarded with the constant housing updates from the newscaster telling them how fast homes are selling across the entire country.

Homes that are usually taking months to sell are taking mere days if even going on the market at all before getting a great, if not a full-priced asking offer!

Just this week, I personally read a report that stated that due to COVID-19 restrictions and how they’re affecting other states, mixed with the historic low-interest rates, that over a thousand people per day are moving to the state of Florida!

It’s crazy, but then again, I can not blame those who want to move to such a beautiful area!

It is hard to tell at this exact moment, if the additional traffic we are seeing around Sarasota County is due to this, or a result of the snowbirds coming in early for the season.

So, with all of this talk about homes selling so fast right now throughout the country, and especially in the State of Florida, does this mean that mobile homes are selling just as fast?

We have seen a surge of snowbirds who already own homes living down here much earlier than normal.

We began seeing this surge of people in the late summer of this year, mostly in the more expensive mobile home communities throughout the Sarasota County area.

With this additional group of people, we have not seen much of an increase in home sales, but we have seen a large increase in homes that have been going on the market for sale. Most of the homes going on the market over the past few months are in the over $50,000 price point. Although they have sold quicker than what we have seen in the past, we have not seen the rapid speed of that, of the single-family market.

What we continue to see is that homes that are priced right and marketed aggressively will sell quickly, no matter what time of year, or what the real estate market is currently doing.

We see homes stay on the market longer, when the homes are not priced accurately for the community that they are residing in. This can happen often if the Seller is focused on receiving one amount for their home whether it is justified or not.

While some single-family neighborhoods can get away with huge price jumps to force area comps in the area we really do not see that in the mobile home communities that we at, The Mobile Home Dealer, work in. One reason for this is because the homes that are in land-leased communities are taxed as personal property and not as traditional real estate, which makes pulling sales comps extremely difficult.

Mobile homes are a great, affordable housing option and one that will provide a faster than normal sale, but has not seen the dramatic increase of price valuation as a single-family market has seen, throughout this real estate housing bubble that we’re currently in.

The good news is that although the housing bubble has not hit the mobile home market, when this bubble eventually pops, as they all do, it should not affect the mobile home industry either!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life!
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