Are Vapor Barriers Needed On A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home?

Have you ever heard of a vapor barrier?

Have any idea what one is or what one does?

If you answered yes to either question do not feel bad as the majority of mobile home Buyers and Sellers within the Sarasota Florida area have no clue of what these are and what they do!

A vapor barrier looks like a large black trash bag and is attached to the underbelly of the mobile home. Most vapor barriers will run the entire length and width of the body of the mobile home but usually not the Florida room, car ports or out buildings of the mobile home.

Vapor barriers can be attached to any size of mobile home, whether it is a single wide, a double wide or a park model mobile home.

A vapor barrier protects the underside of the mobile home, its plumbing, subfloors and any attachments added to the bottom of the home such as additional plumbing fixtures from added moisture and critters.

If the mobile home does not have a vapor barrier or if one is severely damaged then one can be replaced or repaired by a local company without a large cost.

It is common for most mobile homes to have one from the factory but, like with anything they will only last so long so if it you are not sure if when the last time yours was inspected we strongly suggest to find a reputable company to take a look at it and make sure it is in proper working order.

The subflooring system of a mobile home is wood based and the vapor barrier will help in preventing the subflooring from getting wet which could lead to wet spots popping up all over your floor much faster then expected.

Critters are notorious for causing havoc on the plumbing systems of the mobile home that is located underneath the mobile home. If the vapor barrier is in good condition and doing its job then it should be a solid defense against these pesky guys from causing any issue with your plumbing system.

When looking at buying a mobile home with the greater Sarasota Florida area we strongly suggest you always get the vapor barrier inspected prior to purchase because if it is severely damaged or non existent then this could be a sign that you have bigger problems on the horizon!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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