How Is Back Lot Rent Paid On A Sarasota Mobile Home?

How Is Back Lot Rent Paid On A Sarasota Mobile Home?

Do you know how to pay back lot rent owed on a Sarasota mobile home that you’re planning on buying?

We are currently in the exact situation with a Buyer who is looking to purchase a listing that we have had for a few weeks on a property that is located in Sarasota County.

The Seller came to us with a sudden life change.

Their father had passed away, unfortunately, and they were looking to sell the mobile home for him after the property had gone through the probate process.

During the time the home was in probate and the father had passed away, no one had been paying the lot rent on the property. Although this is not terribly uncommon, this does cause an issue with the current owner’s family, since they are still responsible for the lot rent even though the father had passed away.

The reason why this is so is because the mobile home is still sitting on a lot that the mobile home park owns.

Each lot that is being used within the mobile home park for the purpose of having a home residing on it is required to pay the park each month through their lot rent.

Many parks will require that whomever owns the home is required to pay the lot rent, regardless of if anyone is living in the home, since it is physically taking up a space within the community.

The family was not aware of this, as their father was the only one living in the home and the other family members had no experience with how mobile home parks were ran prior to this situation. With all of this taken into consideration, the family owed the park six months of back lot rent since they found out that they had not been getting paid.

That totaled around $5,000!

The park began the process of evicting the home after the fifth month, as this was part of the company policy for unpaid lot rent.

The family, facing the eviction process, needed the home sold quickly and contacted we at The Mobile Home Dealer.

Prior to marketing the home for sale, we contacted the park to get an exact amount that was owed on the home for back lot rent. We asked to receive this exact amount on their company letterhead so there was no confusion.

We utilized our marketing methods and found an interested Buyer for the mobile home that was needing to be sold.

After getting an agreed upon price on the home with a park-approved buyer, we went to close on the property.

The sale price of the home was divided into three parts. The first part was to be paid to the mobile home park directly for all of the back lot rent that was owed for the home that was still sitting on that lawn. The second amount was paid to The Mobile Home Dealer as our brokerage fee. The remaining amount was paid to the family directly.

When buying a mobile home with back lot rent, be prepared to pay the park directly all remaining rents that have not been paid.

Make sure you have written documentation from the park stating exactly what is owed, so that when you buy the property there is no confusion on what is owed to bring the home back into good standing within the mobile home park.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.
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