How Long Is Too Long When Moving Out Of Your Sarasota Mobile Home?

So the time has come, you are ready to sell your Sarasota mobile home.

You put the home on the market with a licensed broker, such as The Mobile Home Dealer, and you have the place sold!

Now the next question, how long do you need to collect your things and get ready to move out of your Sarasota mobile home and into your new home wherever that may be?

This situation is very common and we feel that taking a few moments to discuss how long is reasonable and how long is too long to move out of your Sarasota mobile home is something many Buyers and Sellers are not familiar with.

When you are looking at selling your Sarasota mobile home, before the home ever goes on the market to sell we strongly suggest you review how long you will need to move along with locating the title of the home.

We can not begin to tell you how many mobile homes we have sold for Sellers only to come to closing and they not be able to locate the title to the home they are trying to sell!

If this is your situation, please, please, please, take a few moments to look for and locate the title to your mobile home. Please note, that if you are selling a doublewide mobile home then there needs to be two separate titles that you are able to locate, one for each side.

After you have located the titles of your mobile home make sure you keep these in a safe place as these titles will need to be given to the licensed mobile home broker upon closing so that they are able to get the home out of your name and into the name of the new Buyers of your mobile home.

The next item of business that will need to be addressed prior to putting your Sarasota mobile home up for sale is just how long you will need to get packed up and out of the home when it is sold.

If you are using your mobile home as a winter retreat and are okay leaving everything in the home when it is sold then that is fine, just make sure you communicate these wishes to the mobile broker at the time of the listing of your home being taken.

If you are living in the home full time or if you need to make a special trip down to the home to remove certain belongings then by all means take the time you need to get moved out as this is YOUR mobile home you are selling.

Taking your time and dragging your feet, though, are two different ways to approach a move.

We, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, strongly suggest every Seller who needs to move out of their mobile home to not take any longer than 30 days to do so upon an accepted offer and park approval has been granted to the new Buyer of a mobile home.

The reason why we suggest 30 days be the maximum is because when the Buyer of your mobile home decides to make the purchase of your home they are ready to pay for it and move into it right away. The Buyer is ready to move forward and separate from their money in order to begin making memories in the home they just purchased. Delaying this any longer than 30 days could create a separation from the Buyers excitement and can very well lead to a Buyer not wanting to close on your mobile home.

We strongly suggest that before you ever put your Sarasota mobile home on the market make sure you have located your title for the home and have laid out an easy to follow plan for a timeframe you are able to be moved out of your mobile home. Forgetting to do this may cause you issues that you could have easily avoided if you would have taken the time lay things out on the front end.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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