How To NOT Get Your Sarasota Mobile Home Sold #4

How To NOT Get Your Mobile Home Sold-Episode 4

In our fourth installment of, “How To NOT Get Your Mobile Home Sold”, we will cover the importance of working with your Buyer through the Sales Agent during the sale of your mobile home.

As discussed in previous blogs, we at The Mobile Home Dealer are very aware that the sale of a mobile home is often an emotional time that can bring both the Buyer and the Seller to exciting and, sometimes, frustrating circumstances.

When selling your mobile home, the Seller has to go through the process of emotionally making the decision to sell, then get the home ready, then call and meet with a qualified Mobile Home Broker, such as The Mobile Home Dealer, all before getting a single person into their home to see if they’re actually interested in the property.

But when buying a mobile home, the Buyer has to decide that they are serious about buying their new mobile home, they have to get their finances set up to make the purchase, decide on what area of town and park they want to live in and have their documentation ready to begin the park approval process all before making an offer on their new mobile home.

As you can see, both the Buyer and the Seller have quite a bit to do in order to move forward with the purchase and sale of a mobile home. What we want to discuss today is why working with your Buyer is imperative to the actual sale when you are looking to sell your mobile home.

Many times we’ve seen the Buyer make a lower offer than what has been initially offered by the Seller, and the Seller accepts and then wants to close on the home immediately. While we can certainly agree that closing fast is the best way to do things with purchasing a mobile home, we also have to point out that the Buyer may time has several balls they are looking to juggle all at the same time, other than just deciding to buy the mobile home from the Seller.

We at The Mobile Home Dealer sell the majority of our homes to out-of-state Buyers, many times these homes are sold sight unseen by that Buyer. Once an accepted offer has been made by the Buyer to the Seller, the Buyer usually wants to order an inspection on the home and or to physically come down to Florida to look at the property prior to closing on their new mobile home.

This all takes time.

Once the Buyer has an accepted offer, they then will need to take time off work, schedule the flight, get the rental car, and then set up a time when the Sales Agent can meet them at the property and show them the home.
Sarasota Mobile HomeSarasota Mobile Home
Assuming the home checks out with the Buyer, they may then schedule a home inspection. The inspector will need to come and complete their inspection and then have time to prepare a fully written inspection report for that mobile home.

My point to all of this is of this just takes time, which can be a few days to several weeks, depending on how in-depth the Buyer wants to go and how fast they can move. Many times we have seen the Seller agree to a price and then put so much pressure on the Buyer that they leave the sale and walk away because they feel uncomfortable moving forward with the transaction due to the seller’s pressure.

This happened as recently as just a few weeks ago here at The Mobile Home Dealer.

In that instance, the Seller and Buyer agreed to the price and the Seller lives in the Midwest and had to take time off work, fly down and complete a walkthrough. The Buyer was not going to order a traditional inspection, but they did want to at least see the home themselves prior to paying for the darn thing. We anticipated that this would take about two to three weeks from the time the sale price was accepted until the home is actually closed on. During these couple of weeks, the Seller put so much pressure on the Buyer that the Buyer felt uncomfortable so they walked away from the purchase of a home!

Due to the unneeded pressure that the Seller applied, they went from having an accepted sale to still having their home for sale all for not being able to work with the qualified Buyer who had the cash in hand, as well as their park approval to buy that house.

If you do not want to get your mobile home sold, just go right ahead and add unnecessary pressure to an already stressful situation and you, my friend will get exactly what you want, still holding onto your home!

Selling a mobile home can only be successful if there is trust and cooperation between the buyer, the seller, and also the agent. In this case, the seller never considered the buyer’s situation. In the end, not only did the Buyer waste their time and money but the Seller also lost out on the deal because they were unable to obtain the home they wanted. When a negotiation like this fall apart, no one is winning. The seller rushed to receive a cash payment without realizing that their greed could turn into a disaster.

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This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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