Is The Mobile Home You Are Buying In Sarasota Real Property?

Is A Sarasota Mobile Home Real Property
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Is a mobile home considered real or personal property in Sarasota County?

When I was driving through dozens of mobile home parks throughout Sarasota, Florida, right after I started working in the industry, I was wondering the exact same thing.

I have learned that the answer to that question is easy.

They’re both!

Let me explain.

The difference between if a mobile home is real or personal property, largely is based on how the property is taxed.

To determine this, you will need to know if the home you are looking to buy includes the land the property sits on, or are you just buying the home and renting the land? If you are unsure, ask the park if the home you are interested in purchasing requires the payment of lot rent each month.

Lot rent is a monthly payment that needs to be paid by the home owner to the park each and every month the home resides on that piece of property. This payment usually covers some utilities for the home, such as water and trash, as well as the amenities the park offers, such as the swimming pool and clubhouse. If the home does require a lot rent payment, then no, it is not real property, but it is viewed as personal property.

If the home is classified as personal property, then it will be taxed in much the same way as a vehicle is taxed. Here, the home has a title attached to it and not a deed. The reason for this is because the home is just being bought, not the home and the property that the home sits on. It is important to note that if you are buying a double-wide mobile home, there will be two titles you will need to obtain, one for each side. If the home that is being purchased includes the land within the purchase, then the home is viewed as real property. This is the same way a traditional stick and brick home is taxed.

Where can a mobile home buyer in Sarasota purchase a mobile home that is considered real property?

Real property mobile homes can come in one of two forms.

The first instance is purchasing a mobile home within a mobile home park that is referred to as a co-op community. Here the home buyer is buying the home and the land the home sits on within the mobile home park. In a co-op community lot rent is not paid but a monthly HOA is usually required to be paid by all home owners. This HOA payment will help cover the cost and up keep of the parks amenities and community areas.

The second instance is where you can buy the mobile home in a rural area that is on a larger piece of ground then what is sold in a mobile home park co-op. Most of the time these homes are purchased in rural areas of Sarasota County. It is important to gain clarity in the purchase to determine that you are purchasing both the home and the land the home sits on.

In either instance, property taxes will be assessed in much the same way as a traditional stick and brick home is

So, are mobile homes in Sarasota County that you are looking to purchase real or personal property?

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