What Is A Park Model Mobile Home?

Have you ever driven through a mobile home park throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area and noticed a mobile home that looked shorter and smaller than all the others in the park? After seeing this unique mobile home, have you ever wondered what it was and how it got into the mobile home park in … Continued

5 Reasons Why Mobile Home Parks Are Great!

When looking at different housing options it is easy to immediately go to single-family homes, condos, or apartment homes as these are, generally speaking, the most common types of homes that people are used to. Although these types of living situations may be more common than mobile home parks too many we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, … Continued

Mobile Home Buying Checklist!

When looking at purchasing a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area there are several factors that every Buyer has to be fully aware of before making an offer and pursuing park approval for residency in the mobile home park. In this mini blog series, we will cover the main points every mobile home … Continued

Are Mobile Homes Really “Mobile”?

Have you ever seen a mobile home and thought to yourself that the home would be perfect if only it were located in another park? Ever wondered what it would take to move a mobile home and how the actual moving process is completed? This is a common question that gets brought up all the … Continued

5 Reasons Why Mobile Homes Are Great Investments!

Investing in any type of real estate is all about earning passive income for most investors. With the real estate market’s diverse portfolio, it is one of the hottest destinations for investors who are aiming to put their money in both medium and long-term investments. Having said that, due to the increasing price of conventional … Continued

3 Ways To Finance A Mobile Home!

There are around 18 million Americans living in mobile homes or manufactured homes according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This accounts for around 5% of the entire US population. One of the main reasons why people are living in this kind of arrangement is obvious: mobile homes are cheaper compared to conventional on-site fixed houses, … Continued

Mobile Home Water Leaks EXPLAINED!

When looking at buying or selling a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area it is important to fully realize what some of the most expensive items are to fix. Not knowing how much something costs to fix or what to even look for when trying to assess if this item needs fixing can … Continued

What Is Mobile Home Skirting?

When looking at a mobile home one may see that there is an additional material attached to the side of the home in between where the siding of the mobile home ends and the ground for which the mobile home sits begins. This is called the skirting of a mobile home. While the name is … Continued

Mobile Home Recession UPDATE!

As the economy has shown recently that we are now entering, what seems to be, a recession one needs to look at how this affects the mobile home industry in and outside of the greater Sarasota Florida area. With prices of real estate staying near record highs and interest rates for traditional mortgages continuing to … Continued

How To Buy A Mobile Home?

So, the time has come when you are ready to finally make the purchase of a mobile home within the Sunshine State but are not totally sure what questions to ask or where to start. Sound familiar? Whether this is the first mobile home you are buying or you have bought and sold several mobile … Continued

3 Ways Being Frugal With A Mobile Home Is BAD!

Mobile homes within mobile home parks around the greater Sarasota Florida area are one of the last beacons of affordable housing within the United States. With real estate prices continuing to surge higher and higher, interest rates starting to grow, and the cost of apartment rents seeing record-breaking increases the lack of affordable housing is … Continued

Where Are All Aged Mobile Home Parks In Sarasota Florida?!

People of all ages are coming down to Florida to enjoy their summer holiday, but one may ask, what type of mobile home is suited for myself or my family? As real estate prices continue to surge higher along with the rents for rental homes and apartments continue to increase the need for affordable housing … Continued

What Is A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Title?

Buying or selling a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area and not sure what documentation you need? Are you looking to buy a home but don’t know what role a title plays in the purchase transaction? Are you looking to sell a mobile home but are not sure what you are supposed to … Continued

Considering Selling Your Mobile Home? Read THIS!

You may have been living comfortably in a mobile home for years. But, now that you need to sell your mobile home for personal reasons, reading this article will give you knowledge on what to do before selling your mobile home in the Sarasota Florida area. When looking to sell your Sarasota Florida mobile home, … Continued