Watch THIS Before Renting A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home!

Watch This Before Renting A Florida Mobile Home!

Have you considered buying a mobile home in Florida but are unsure of if you should go ahead and actually take the plunge of buying that property or maybe go and rent something for a few months just so you get a better idea of what’s all out there?

Are you confused or unsure on what all will need to be paid for when you are looking to rent a mobile home on a leased land in Florida?

We work with several folks on a daily basis who are looking to relocate down to the Sunshine State and buy their own piece of paradise but are unsure of if they should go ahead and buy a mobile home right when they get down here or if they should rent first to get a better understanding of the area before they actually put roots down.

Today, we will look to discuss the basic points that you would want to look at if you are looking to rent a mobile home down here in Florida.

Disclaimer Alert!

Before we go any further we want to stress that we are not attorneys or compliance folks of any kind. We are mobile home Brokers in the state of Florida. So, please, do not take any of what we say as legal advice as we are just selling the mobile homes.

Now that we have that out of the way, first, you want to make sure that the home that you are looking to rent can actually be rented.

This sounds silly, I know, but please let me explain.

Some parks in and around the Sarasota Florida area do not allow the homes that are within the park to be rented whatsoever. The reason for this restriction many times is because the park owner or manager believes that if they have rentals it will turn into a huge hotel with tons of homes being rented for one or two nights at a time which could lead to a very transient or unsafe feeling within the park for other residents.

Even though this may or may not be the case in really any reality this is the perception that some park managers have with allowing rentals in their park.

Some home owners will not follow these rules and still look to rent their homes which could lead to a huge issue for both you and the owner of the home down the road. We suggest to always call the park to introduce yourself and make sure the park that you are looking to rent actually does allow rentals.

Next, make sure when you talk to the park check to see if you are required to be park approved in order to actually rent one of the homes in those parks. If this is actually the case then a background check as well as a park application and some nominal fee will need to be paid by you in order to allow yourself to be a qualified renter in that community.

When speaking to the owner of the home make sure you have a clear understanding of who will pay the utilities and the lot rent each month.

Some owners will require all renters to turn over the utilities to them and then the renter pays the utilities directly. Most parks will require the owner of the home to pay the lot rent and not the renter as the owner of the home is technically the one who owns the home on paper with the park which is who the park needs to have pay the lot rent.

Lastly, and this kind of comes in common sense, make sure you have all of that above that we discussed today in writing.

Make sure you fully understand all of the points above that we discussed as well as having your park approval on file and having a copy of that for yourself if you need to go ahead and get approved.

We hope this helps give you a better idea of what should be looked at when you’re looking to rent a mobile home on leased land here in the Sunshine State of Florida.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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