What Are Sarasota Mobile Home Buyers Looking For?

What Are Sarasota Mobile Home Buyers Looking For?

We have a question from one of our Facebook followers today, his name is Alan Davies, of Parrish, Florida.

Here’s what he wrote. “Hey, Mark. I appreciate all of your information you give us on a regular basis. Could you do a video on what Buyers are thinking when they are looking at a mobile home? I am considering having your team sell our home for us in the future, but want to get a good idea on what we should be expecting from the Buyers when we put the home on the market.”

Thanks, Alan, for your question, you bet I will be happy to help answer that for you!

I hope what I give you here helps bring clarity to those questions.

In our experience, Buyers of mobile homes on leased land throughout the Gulf Coast are looking for three things.

The mobile home to be clean, safe, and affordable as a place to live.

By clean, I am referring to the fact that most Buyers, do not want to have to go in and clean out a home. If your property is being sold fully furnished, then that is fine, but they want to make sure that it just does not feel dirty when they walk in. With that said, we always suggest that all Sellers do the best they can to clean up the home. Do not feel like you have to get rid of everything, but at least make sure it is broom-swept clean and presentable when you are putting the home on the market for sale.

The second point that the home is safe is one that is, kind of self-explanatory.

Buyers want to make sure that everything in the home works as it is supposed to, or as you say it is. Make sure that all the appliances are in good working order. Make sure the air conditioner turns on and cools the home accordingly. Make sure the toilet flushes, lights and outlets turn on as they’re supposed to. If there are burnt out light bulbs or bad outlets, do not worry about it. It is really not that big of a deal. But make sure you tell the buyer which ones they are. Also, Alan, make sure if you are not willing to replace an appliance or anything in the home that is broken, to let the Buyer know that on the front end so that they can make an offer accordingly. It is never good to surprise a Buyer at closing with this.

The last topic is the one that gets all of the interest, and that is Buyers are looking for a home that is affordable.

As we can all agree, the term affordable is relative. What may be affordable to you may not be to the next person and so on. With that understood, we want to make sure that your home is priced where it is to be sold at, not where it’s for sale. Most Sellers look at other homes in the area and see what they’re selling at and base their price off of that. That’s just not the right way to do things. You see, what a home is selling for and what a home actually is sold for are two totally different numbers.

The reason why is that nearly all homes that we have ever seen do not sell for prices they are for sale at. More times than not, there’s a discount involved for which it can be a considerable price cut in order to actually get the home sold. Now, Alan, as mentioned in a previous video, it is not just the price the home sells at, but also the amount of total carrying costs the Seller is paying during the time the home is for sale, along with their frustration and time.

Once all of these items are taken into consideration, then an actual sales price should be determined off of that.

So, Alan, thanks again for the question and I hope that helped you out. If you need any further clarification, feel free to reach out to us or me directly and we will be happy to help answer your question in further detail.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.
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