What Is The Best Option To Sell Your Mobile Home In Sarasota?

What Is The Best Option To Sell Your Mobile Home?
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When I was starting in the mobile home industry, I had no idea what the process was for a homeowner to sell their mobile home.

Was it a good idea to have the seller try and sell their home themselves? Should the homeowner sell their home directly to the park, or should the seller enlist a mobile home brokerage firm to help sell their home for them? What is the best option for that seller?

I was surprised to learn that, after doing my research on each one of these options, there is one clear-cut way to go about selling a mobile home that will provide the seller with the highest selling price in the least amount of time.

Many mobile home owners will try and sell their homes themselves. Now, traditionally this is done through the use of For Sale by Owner signs planted in their front yard, hoping someone will come by, see the sign, and make an offer they are willing to accept. I call this the needle-in-the-haystack method. Yes, it certainly can be done, but it does not yield predictable results. There is no telling how long this will take, and for what price their home will finally sell at. Each month that this process drags on with the seller waiting for the perfect buyer to emerge, they are paying another month’s lot rent, and is that much further away from getting on with their life.

Now, another aspect of selling their home themselves that many sellers do not consider is the fact they will need to show their home themselves, oftentimes to strangers. In order to set up these showings the seller will be required to answer all phone calls at all hours of the day, which can become quite a task.

Most mobile home parks are not willing or interested in buying mobile homes from owners within the same park. The reason for this is that, for most park owners, their business is in collecting the lot rent, not in owning homes within the park. If the seller looks to sell the park their home, and is already paying lot rent, the park has nothing to benefit from in buying the home as their need is already being met in receiving the lot rent each month. More times than not this creates an immediate end to the option of selling that home to the park.

When a seller enlists the help of a licensed mobile home broker, such as The Mobile Home Dealer, who has experience in selling homes similar to theirs, they are immediately released of the time and effort it takes to market and show their own home.

When a seller lists their home with The Mobile Home Dealer, we have our full-time marketing staff market their home throughout all of our social media campaigns, on our website, and all major listing sites within the industry. We pay for all marketing fees, take all calls from interested buyers, and show the home so that the seller doesn’t have to meet with strangers and have them enter their home.

To start the sales process we shop every home immediately to our qualified cash-buyer list, many times selling the home to these individuals before even listing the home on the market! Our sales approach provides a hands-off selling approach for the seller that leads to a faster sale and more money in the seller’s pocket.

We, at The Mobile Home Dealer, believe we can be your guide throughout the mobile home selling process to help get your home sold for the most money in the shortest period of time.


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