When Has The Plumbing Been Replaced In Your Sarasota Florida Mobile Home?

Ahh, yes, a mobile home plumbing system.

One of the most unattractive structural items of a mobile home that is a necessity to everyone’s well being.

Most of the time the plumbing system in a Sarasota Florida mobile home is not addressed by the Buyers or Sellers of the home and for good reason, it isn’t really exciting to talk about!

With this belief commonly understood it is important to realize that not having a good quality plumbing system that is free of leaks and issues is of utmost importance to the livability and resale of the mobile home.

The average age of mobile home in and around the Sarasota Florida area is that of a mid to late 1970’s model.

The reason this is brought up here is that in 1976 the government created the HUD division of housing and they required that all mobile homes that were manufactured for sale in the United States after this year be held to a uniform standard. Part of this standard was that all manufacturers of mobile homes would have to adhere to the same building codes across the board for the plumbing systems that were being placed within each and every mobile home.

Prior to 1976 most mobile home manufacturers would use a product called gray piping to run the plumbing throughout the home.

Gray piping is a much cheaper product then what is used today and would often crack within a few years of the mobile home being settled on the concrete pad creating leaks throughout the entire underbelly of the home. These small leaks would then create additional pressure on other parts of the plumbing system for which, eventually, there would be bigger and bigger problems with the homes plumbing system.

In nearly all mobile homes throughout the Sarasota Florida area the plumbing at some time has been totally replaced with a more modern product called PVC piping.

PVC piping is usually white in color and is made of a more durable plastic then the gray piping that was originally used.

Many times in mobile homes when the plumbing was redone then the plumber also put in a dishwasher line in the kitchen along with a bigger water heater to the home.

It would be fair to say that if you are looking at a Sarasota Florida mobile home and see that the age of the home is in the mid 1970’s or before and it has a dishwasher that the home has been replumbed sometime during its life span.

Having updated plumbing in a mobile home is not something that everyone gets excited about when purchasing their own piece of paradise in the Sunshine State, however, having this essential part of the home that you are looking to purchase updated will save you thousands of dollars and tons of frustration moving forward!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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