Who Do Sarasota Mobile Home Park Approvals Take So Long?!

You have done it!

After searching for, what seems like, years you have finally found the mobile home in the Sarasota Florida area that you have been looking for and put in an offer.

Much to your excitement, your offer was accepted!

But, before closing on your new Sarasota mobile home you first need to get approved by the park to become a resident.

You contact the office and get the information needed, after sending, what you thought, was everything you are now left waiting.

Does this sound familar?!

We at, The Mobile Home Dealer, have heard this same complaint dozens of times this year and wanted to address why this may be the situation you are encountering.

As licensed mobile home brokers with the state of Florida we are required to have all Buyers of a mobile home get approved by the park prior to closing on a mobile home.

The reason for this is requirement is because if we sell a mobile home to someone who is not park approved and, after moving into their new Sarasota mobile home, they are denied by the park then now that Buyer owns a home that they are unable to live in.

As you can imagine, this would create a major issues as all sales are final and there are no refunds of any kind!

Oftentimes the park approval process will take only a few days to complete, if that long.

However, there are the instances where the park approval process will take quite a bit longer and wind up stressing both the Buyer and Seller out due to the length of time it is taking to get the Buyer approved by the park manager.

What we have found is one of the main reasons for this is because the Buyer does not send in all of the information needed by the park in order to complete the approval process.

Most mobile home parks will provide the Buyer with a list of documents that are needing to be completed and put on file so that the approval will be able to take place.

If the park that you are applying to does not provide you with a written document with all of the information they need make sure you ask for one as this will keep you, the Buyer, organized and knowing what is still needing to be provided to the park for your residency approval.

We have seen many times where the park office will not communicate with the Buyer on what they are missing as they feel that is up to the resident who is seeking approval to continue following up so that their application is complete.

While we don’t feel this is the best method of communication, it is one that we have seen and continue to see throughout the Sarasota Florida mobile home park industry.

When looking to get approved by a park for residency make sure you get the park office all that they are asking for in as quickly of a time as possible, making sure all documents are filled out entirely so that an additional delay is not assessed for your park approval to come through.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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