Why Did The Mobile Home Dealer Start In Sarasota?

Why Did The Mobile Home Dealer Start In Sarasota?
Video Transcription

Why did the Mobile Home Dealer originally start in Sarasota?

When I was growing up in Indiana, I always looked forward to going to the beach for vacation each summer with my family.

The warm ocean breeze on my face, the sand between my toes, the Mom and Pop restaurants that had the best fish sandwiches, those were the things that I always looked forward to each and every time we hopped in the family van and headed down from the cornfields of Indiana to the ocean here in Florida!

I remember during these trips, how special the beach was in the Florida area for my family and I.

Years later, when I decided to relocate from Indiana to the Gulf Coast, I knew I wanted to help others who were making the move to the greater Sarasota area have a much better sense of what this area has to offer and everything it could bring to their lifestyle.

The question then was well okay, Mark, you know you want to help people who are moving to the beach on a large scale, but what are you going to help these people with?

Was I going to sell them a suntan lotion and sunglasses on the beach?

Now as inviting as that sounds, I began to look around the Sarasota area and quickly began to realize the large amount of mobile home parks in the immediate area. Once I began driving through the parks and speaking to many of the residents who called these places home, I immediately realized that so many of them were not originally from the Florida area. These residents were from the Midwest, East Coast or Canada, as well as overseas.

That, that was my light bulb moment!

I felt that we could be the guide to help the folks moving from their hometown in their quest to finding their new home here in the Sarasota area.

I knew that if all of these people were moving down to enjoy all that Florida has to offer, like I decided to do a few years before, they should have a company that they can rely on to help them in getting exactly what they want.

I learned more and more about the mobile home industry, the area, what it’s like to live in a mobile home and everything above and beyond what the area of Sarasota has to offer.

I believe that by starting in our backyard of Sarasota first, we have been able to share our passion and excitement for the area with all of those who have contacted us to help them begin their Florida dream.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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