Is having your purchase agreement canceled by the Seller a concern you have had in your mind when looking to purchase your view own piece of paradise within a mobile home park in Sarasota Florida?

If so, we understand your concern and want to walk you through why, although it can happen, we here at The Mobile Home Dealer, have taken precautions to make sure that the Seller follows through with the purchase agreement they signed when selling their mobile home to you, the Buyer.

When looking at purchasing a mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area that is on leased land it is important to note that this type of property is viewed as and taxed as personal property within the state of Florida and not as real estate.

What this unique distinction means is that the mobile home you are purchasing is considered real property in the state of Florida and follows the same guidelines as that of buying a vehicle instead of buying a regular stick and brick home.


We here at The Mobile Home Dealer LLC are not attorneys nor is this legal advise of any type, this information is used as educational and entertainment purposes only, if you would like legal advise we suggest you contact a legal professional to obtain it.

When we have had Sellers break the sales contract before they go through with the sale the common reason for this action seems to be that their moving situation has changed. Many times the Seller is selling their Sarasota Florida mobile home to move back to where they were originally from full time. When these sales are cancelled usually the homes that are being sold are the Sellers full time residence and not their winter home, as such they need to have a full time residence to move to whether it is to another home, within a family members home or another living situation that they need to wait on.

If the Seller is looking to cancel the agreement we do require they pay a break contract fee to The Mobile Home Dealer as well as educate them on the importance of following through with the agreement that they initially agreed to. The reason for this is we have found if we require a monetary payment to cancel the Seller many times will realize that their decision to cancel the purchase agreement will cost them more money then if they go ahead with the sale of their Sarasota Florida mobile home.

We have never seen a Seller cancel a sales agreement for their Sarasota mobile home because they cold feet, rather, they have cancelled due to the Seller not having a place to go within the agreed upon time frame they agreed to move from their mobile home.

We always stress to both the Buyer and Seller involved in the mobile home transaction that a sale is not totally complete and deemed as closed until the money has been transferred between both parties and the sales agreement documents have been signed. If something happens before then, by either party, then the agreement is cancelled and there is not much either party can do with the situation to our understanding.

It is important to know that, yes, a Seller can cancel a purchase agreement on a land leased Sarasota Florida mobile home but, so can the Buyer.

Having this full understanding that either party can exit the agreement anytime before the closing of the home will help put proper expectations in place for both parties involved in the transaction.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.