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For many people, trailer parks are an affordable way to own a home, but there’s a community in Malibu where only the rich and famous can afford to live. Paradise Cove has become a hotbed for A-listers, with Matthew McConaughey and Pamela Anderson taking advantage of its luxury lifestyle. It was dubbed “America’s most glamorous trailer park” by The New York Times.

The New York Times reports that Paradise Cove emerged in the 1950s when fishermen began to position their trailers close to the ocean. By the 1970s, it had morphed into a habitat for 265 trailers and had become an accessible option for people to set up residence. Although the atmosphere still boasts its unruffled appeal, the cost of housing has skyrocketed—contributing to Malibu’s exorbitant real estate prices and its celebrity inhabitants. The park has even been featured in several renowned TV series such as Baywatch and The X-Files.

The units on average range from 400 to 1,000 square feet and you’d need to pay seven figures for one. This “little piece of heaven” offers the same stunning vistas and beach access as neighboring properties with a hefty price tag of $65 million. It also boasts a 24-hour guard-gated entrance, communal tennis courts, a clubhouse, and access to serene private beaches – no wonder the Hollywood crowd is drawn here! One look at the views and it’s easy to understand why they flock here.

Let’s take a look at 10 celebrities who live, or used to live in mobile homes.

  1. Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a familiar face around the world, most well-known for her role as CJ Parker on the iconic 90s show, Baywatch. After her success in the entertainment industry, Anderson has dedicated her time to fighting for animal rights and has been a passionate ambassador for organizations such as PETA and Climate Revolution. She has an estimated net worth of around $20 million and recently purchased a beautiful tiny mobile home in Paradise Cove. 

Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, and grew up in a working-class family. She had a passion for acting and modeling from a young age, which led her to her breakout role on Baywatch. Since then, she has appeared in various movies and TV shows and has established herself as one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

Anderson is known for her philanthropic efforts and has been a long-time supporter of animal rights. She has appeared in numerous campaigns for PETA, raising awareness about animal cruelty, and is also an ambassador for Climate Revolution, a global campaign to reduce climate change. Anderson’s advocacy work has earned her numerous awards, including the Humanitarian Award from the Hollywood Film Festival in 2002.

  1. Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

The “king of rock & roll,” may have sung about a Heartbreak Hotel, but when it came to his own vacations and holidays, he preferred his 1967 single-wide mobile home at his Circle G Ranch near Graceland Estates in Memphis, Tennessee. Priscilla and he spent part of their honeymoon in the same mobile home.

The two-bedroom mobile home Elvis bought in the 1960s has been restored to look just as it did when he lived there, including the gold fixtures, bathtub, appliances, wood paneling, and siding.

He originally purchased eight mobile homes of varying sizes to house his so-called Memphis Mafia, which he liked being around on his 163-acre ranch.

  1. Kid Rock
Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Kid Rock is an incredibly successful multi-platinum musician who has found a unique way to enjoy his success. Rather than living in a traditional mansion, he has downsized to a manufactured home situated on 102 acres of land outside of Nashville, Tennessee. The move to a smaller, low-maintenance home was one that he looks back on fondly.

Kid Rock’s choice to downsize from a mansion to a manufactured double-wide is an example of the growth of a new trend in how successful individuals choose to live. In today’s world, there is an increasing emphasis on finding ways to simplify our lives and away from accumulating material possessions. For many, owning a large home has come to symbolize the need to prove one’s worth, rather than providing true happiness. 

For Kid Rock, his decision to downsize may have been simply practical. The low maintenance needs of a manufactured home may have been preferable to him, as it would give him more time and energy to focus on what matters most: his music. He also likely enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of having more land surrounding him and being able to customize his home as he saw fit. By living on the outskirts of Nashville, he may have found the perfect combination of privacy and convenience – something that he may not have been able to find with a larger home. 

  1. David Arquette
David Arquette

David Arquette

David Arquette, a well-known American actor, is known for his time living in the Point Dume Club Mobile Home in Malibu, California. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom manufactured home is spacious and comfortable and provides Arquette with stunning views of the ocean. Additionally, the wraparound deck creates a relaxing outdoor space for him to sit and enjoy the view. 

The Point Dume Club itself is a luxurious mobile home community that offers amenities and services that rival any 5-star resort. Residents have access to a multitude of facilities, such as two swimming pools, two professionally maintained tennis courts, two saunas, and a clubhouse. The mobile home community also provides a plethora of social activities, such as regular dinners, holiday parties, and other special events. 

For those looking for the perfect combination of luxury living in a peaceful environment, the Point Dume Club Mobile Home is an ideal choice. With its stunning ocean views, spacious interior, and incredible amenities and social activities, it is no surprise David Arquette chose to call it home.

  1. Matthew McConaughey 


Matthew McConaughey

Yes, it’s true! Matthew McConaughey is one of the many residents who call the Paradise Cove mobile home park in Malibu their home. The park began as a popular vacation rental spot, but over the years has grown into one of the trendiest and most desirable places to live in Malibu. Many celebrities have made the park their home, providing a unique living experience that combines the convenience of a mobile home with luxurious amenities like private beach access, community pools and spas, and 24-hour security. 

The park itself is located on a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. With its incredible views and easy access to the ocean, Paradise Cove has become one of the most sought-after addresses in Malibu. Residents here enjoy all the perks of living in a beachfront community, such as easy access to some of the world’s best surfing, swimming, and fishing spots. The local restaurants, bars, and shops are also just stepping away, making it a great place to live for those who want to take full advantage of all that Malibu has to offer. 

McConaughey, who won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2014 for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, has been a resident of Paradise Cove since 2015. He loves the peaceful atmosphere that the park provides and often goes out on his boat to explore the ocean. He also enjoys participating in local events such as beach clean-ups, surf competitions, and other activities that involve giving back to the community.

  1. Eminem



Eminem is one of the most iconic and successful artists of all time, but his success was hard-earned. Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III to a single mother in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1972, Eminem had a rough start to life. His father walked out on the family when he was only 6 months old, leaving his mother to raise him and his brother alone. 

Times were difficult and Eminem’s family struggled to make ends meet. His mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, worked multiple jobs to support her children, but the family continued to face poverty. At one point, Eminem’s mother and brother were evicted and forced to live in a trailer park in Detroit. He was only 12 years old.

Eminem’s early life was tumultuous. He was constantly bullied by classmates due to his race and economic status. He also battled with addiction issues and mental health as a teenager and young adult. Despite these obstacles, Eminem pushed through and emerged from his difficult past to pursue his passion for music.

  1. Nia Peeples
Nia Peeples

Nia Peeples

Nia Peeples, known for her role in the hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars”, lives in a double-wide manufactured home located on the beach. At first, she was hesitant about the suggestion from her husband to live in a manufactured home but soon came to understand that a manufactured home offers an opportunity for a unique living space that cannot be found elsewhere. Though a tour of her home is brief, it has a special character and peace about it. 

Manufactured homes are quickly becoming a popular option for those looking for affordable housing. They offer the same quality and durability as a traditional home but can be customized to fit individual needs and preferences, making them perfect for people looking for a unique living space.

Nia Peeples’ double-wide manufactured home by the beach is a perfect example of this. Despite its small size, it offers plenty of living space, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Its unique layout includes a spacious kitchen, dining area, and living room, making it perfect for entertaining guests. The built-in cabinets and closets provide ample storage for all of your items, while the large windows and skylights offer an abundance of natural light.

  1. Tom Shadyac

Tom Shadyac

Tom Shadyac

Tom Shadyac is a successful Hollywood director who found purpose and fulfillment by trading in his luxurious lifestyle for the simplicity and freedom of living in a mobile home. Despite his great success, he chose to downsize his lifestyle in order to have time and space to think, reflect, and search for answers. In doing so, he found the happiness he likely wouldn’t have found in his previous lifestyle. 

Tom Shadyac is not alone in his decision to embrace a simpler life in a mobile home. A number of other famous people have joined him in living in a trailer, manufactured home, or mobile home. These include Demi Moore, Ryan Gosling, Hillary Swank, Minnie Driver, and Britney Spears. While these people come from different backgrounds and have experienced different levels of success and fame, they share the same desire to live simply and find contentment in their lives by getting away from distractions in their usual environments. 

For many of us, it is easy to get caught up in material goods and the pursuit of money. We often forget that true happiness comes from within and that we don’t need to have the most luxurious lifestyle or expensive possessions to be content. Tom Shadyac’s decision to downsize his lifestyle and move into a mobile home provided him with invaluable insight into what truly matters in life. He also showed us that achieving success doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness or peace of mind.

  1. Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is an iconic American fashion designer who has been producing fun, vibrant, and highly embellished designs for over 50 years. With an estimated net worth of $50 million, she is widely known for her lively runway shows that end with her much-loved signature move of a cartwheel and a split. Fans of the designer’s work know that she doesn’t shy away from making bold statements, which is why it should come as no surprise that her Malibu mobile home is just as whimsical and eccentric as her designs. 

The outside of the mobile home is painted with a cheerful pink hue and Johnson’s signature scrawl of rose and star motifs. The interior, however, is filled with an array of bright colors and creative decorations that are inspired by her career in the fashion industry. From the “Hello World” neon sign to the framed photo of Johnson herself doing a cartwheel, it’s clear that this is a space that celebrates her unique style and infinite creativity. 

The home also includes some of the designer’s favorite pieces of furniture, such as an oversized Eames chair, a 1970s couch, and a leopard print armchair. Johnson also makes sure to include her trademark eclectic touches, such as a vintage surfboard, a retro jukebox, and a bright pink lamp. However, the most eye-catching element of the home is the extensive collection of Betsey Johnson-inspired art pieces that adorn the walls. 

  1. Minnie Driver
Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver is an English actress who has become a household name since she first achieved notoriety for her breakout role in the 1995 movie Circle of Friends. Since then, she has gone on to star in several Hollywood hits, such as Good Will Hunting and The Phantom of the Opera. Driver has also done some television work, appearing in Will & Grace, The Riches, and Speechless. 

Today, Driver is said to have a net worth of $14 million and prefers to keep a low profile. Her most recent appearances include the 2020 Netflix movie Happiest Season and the miniseries The Hot Zone. She also lent her voice to the role of Granny in the 2017 Disney animated film Ferdinand. 

Driver’s career has had many highlights, including being nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Good Will Hunting. She was also part of the ensemble cast of 2012’s Return to Zero, for which she won a Special Jury Prize for Best Ensemble at the San Diego International Film Festival. 


In recent years, manufactured homes have become increasingly popular again. Modern factory-built homes will become an increasingly important part of the housing mix in the years ahead as incomes decline, retiree numbers increase by more than 10,000 every day, and the dream of home ownership remains strong among Americans.

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