10 Popular Mobile Home Interior Design Trends in 2023

In 2023, mobile home interior design trends will be wide and varied. In addition to new colors, textures, and materials, there are new moods as well. There is a sense of serenity and joy that is reminiscent of a spa or a fun and patterned decorative boost.

Lee Broom says that people’s tastes have recently changed in their decorating. “We’re all looking for a better outlook, and one way to accomplish that is to condition your own brain to think more positively, which is achieved by surrounding yourself with things you enjoy. Cocktail cabinets that move and rotate, furniture geared towards sitting together and being convivial, anything playful, glamorous, and dramatic.”

From the lamps that make flexible living super-easy to the soft colors, shown above, that enhance relaxation and add joy, here are the mobile home interior design trends we think will be the biggest in 2023.

Interior Design Trends for Mobile Homes in 2023

Interior designer Tara Bernerd believes that there is a general move toward sophistication, but it’s a more relaxed version of it. “While that feeling of luxury remains very important, don’t we all want something that feels approachable too?” Tara asks.

In which you can walk barefoot and not worry about it? People still want their spaces to feel grand, but while we might use a real wow design in the living room, we will use a chic media room with a less formal, edgier, and more comfortable material and texture. As a result, people are finding they can be just as smart without ties, and women are swapping heels for trainers.”

  1. Stone and Wood Trims

Furniture with stone and wood trims, such as counters and tabletops, are on the rise for creating a more natural feel in your home. Marble, vinyl, or other surface tops that look like stone or wood can be made out of the real thing and sealed with lacquer or sealant.

Like earth tones for your walls, these are becoming more popular because they invite a sense of natural curiosity.

This category also includes surfaces for counters and tabletops if you’re building a customized manufactured home.

Stone and Wood Trims
Stone and Wood Trims
  1. Cylindrical Lighting

Taking inspiration from oblong shapes, the latest lighting forms cast targeted and tantalizing glows. Why this shape, and why now? They make a striking statement with a curvaceous silhouette because they’re playful, polished, flexible, and finessed.

Lighting trends suggest that the big light is no longer the go-to, and that wall and floor lamps are more essential. Interior designer Nina Magon points out her preference for statement lighting pieces that can fulfill both a practical and decorative role. Tubular-shaped lights also have their place in creating the desired warm, flattering, and sociable ambiance we seek today.

Cylindrical Lighting
Cylindrical Lighting
  1. Earth Tones

Many interior designers are continuing to highlight earth tones when decorating or painting your home, including shades of brown, green, gray, and even some muted reds.

It is because these colors can help a home sell faster as they are usually more neutral colors that buyers can more easily picture themselves in if they are painted in these colors.

Furthermore, the right shade of taupe or sage can help one feel more refreshed and comfortable in their home rather than artificial or sterile colors.

Earth Tones
Earth Tones
  1. Design with a Nostalgic, Vintage Feel

In addition to being fashionable, this trend is also environmentally friendly.

It has become increasingly popular to go back to the past for your home’s decor, whether it’s a tile backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom or vintage-looking cabinets.

In terms of quality and stylistic flair, many design trends from the early to mid-20th century are still relevant today.

It is also sustainable from an environmental standpoint to redecorate your home using these materials.

Be sure to install or decorate old tiles or cabinets safely if you use them, for instance. It is important to do your research beforehand to make sure anything used in your mobile home remodel project is free of toxic substances as many older building materials contain hazardous substances that can cause harm if you are not careful.

Vintage Feel
Vintage Feel
  1. Aluminum

Recyclable aluminum is no longer just seen as limited to drinks cans – it has been transformed into some of the most desirable designs, part of a larger trend towards more sustainable production methods. Tom Dixon declares: ‘We showcase diverse materials to prevent too much uniformity – rough and smooth, glossy yet matte, black and white.’ His lightweight chair uses aluminum and MDF Italia has crafted a bench from it; further, the New York-based studio Workstead has included this versatile metal in their lighting collection.

  1. Wellness and Productivity Design

Even before remote work became so popular, home offices have surged in popularity over the past few years.

When it comes to wellness and productivity, spaces that are more thoughtful and intentional are starting to gain popularity. It’s great to have a home office, but does it make you feel refreshed and ready for work every day? Or do you find yourself stressed and exhausted here more often than in other areas of your home?

If you have a fitness area in your mobile home or a home office, consider these additions:

  • Foam for soundproofing
  • Increased natural light through curtains
  • Your walls should be painted in calm, cool colors rather than bright ones
  • If possible, install an air filtration system
Wellness and Productivity Design
Wellness and Productivity Design
  1.  Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable furniture is one of the biggest mobile home interior design trends in 2023, as more and more people become aware of the terrible effects of mass production on the planet. All homes will have furniture made from wood and other natural and recyclable materials.

You can purchase authentic, sustainable furniture for your home by purchasing handmade accessories and textiles. Bamboo, wool, cork, and teak are some of the best sustainable materials you can use for your home. These items are not just sustainable for the environment, but they also support local artists.

When it comes to furniture, it is best to look for furniture sourced from local woodworkers, as local woodworkers create furniture that is more durable and unique. As sustainable furniture is mainly made by hand, it is not completely refined. This imperfection is what mobile homeowners are looking for nowadays in terms of aesthetics.

Sustainable Furniture
Sustainable Furniture
  1.  Meaningful Objects

Incorporating items that are uniquely you into your home will be one of next year’s most popular trends.

It doesn’t matter what kind of object you choose: an heirloom, a souvenir, a sentimental or whimsical item. “It’s the objects we surround ourselves with that ease our anxieties,” Jean Lin, owner of Colony Design, told House Beautiful. You want your home to be distinctly you—something you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Meaningful Objects
Meaningful Objects
  1.  Wellness Design

As the pandemic prompted growing conversations around self-care, designers are increasingly considering how spaces affect people’s moods and temperaments. The goal of wellness design extends beyond aesthetics to enhancing well-being through improved air quality, light, or movement.

“Acoustical privacy, air filtration systems, and natural light are crucial in interior spaces, and we’ll see more biophilic design, flexible rooms, sliding doors, and soundscaping in home offices in 2022,” Kerrie Kelly, a Zillow and Houzz forecaster, told Forbes.

Wellness Design
Wellness Design
  1. Home Retreat

The pandemic curtailed many travel plans, with many choosing to capture the far-off feel in their homes instead. Night Palm designer Tiffany Howell told Who What Wear, “All of the clients who just bought homes bought old Italian and European-style villas. ‘Ooh, I want my house to look like that villa in Italy I used to go to, but haven’t been to since COVID.'”

By swapping curtains and adding accents reminiscent of dreamy travel destinations, you can achieve an anywhere-but-here vibe. In order to recall the manicured gardens across the Atlantic, designer Corey Damen Jenkins added a stunning light fixture and flower-filled ceiling.

Home Retreat
Home Retreat

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