Your mobile home is a valuable investment, and ensuring its structural integrity is crucial for your comfort and safety. The roof plays a pivotal role in protecting your mobile home from the elements, so when it’s time for a repair or replacement, choosing the right roofer is of paramount importance. To make an informed decision, you should ask the right questions before hiring a mobile home roofer. In this article, we’ll explore the ten essential questions you should pose to potential roofers to ensure that you make the best choice for your mobile home.

Mobile home roof repair

Mobile home roof repair

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

First and foremost, you should ask about the roofer’s licensing and insurance. A reputable mobile home roofer should be licensed to operate in your state and have insurance coverage to protect against potential accidents or damages. Verifying their credentials ensures that you’re working with a legitimate professional who is compliant with the legal requirements.

2. Can You Provide References?

It’s essential to get feedback from previous customers to gauge the roofer’s performance and reliability. Ask for a list of references or testimonials from clients who have had similar work done on their mobile homes. Contact these references to inquire about their experiences, the quality of work, and any issues they encountered during the project.

3. What Types of Mobile Home Roofs Have You Worked On?

Different mobile homes have various roofing materials and designs. Ensure that the roofer has experience with the specific type of roof your mobile home has. Whether it’s metal, shingle, or another material, an experienced roofer will be more capable of handling the unique requirements of your roof.

4. Do You Offer a Warranty?

A reliable mobile home roofer should provide a warranty for their work. Ask about the duration and terms of the warranty, and make sure you get it in writing. This warranty not only offers peace of mind but also ensures that the roofer stands behind the quality of their work.

5. What Is Your Project Timeline?

Discuss the estimated timeline for the roofing project. Knowing how long the work will take allows you to plan accordingly and minimizes disruptions to your daily life. Keep in mind that factors like weather conditions can affect the timeline, so a reputable roofer will provide a reasonable estimate while being transparent about potential delays.

6. Can You Provide a Detailed Estimate?

Request a detailed written estimate that outlines the project’s scope, materials to be used, labor costs, and any additional charges that may apply. A clear and comprehensive estimate will help you understand the total cost and make an informed decision. Be cautious of any roofer who hesitates to provide a written estimate or tries to give you an estimate over the phone without inspecting your roof.

7. What Safety Measures Will You Take?

Safety should be a top priority during any roofing project. Ask the roofer about their safety measures and practices. They should have proper equipment, fall protection gear, and a commitment to ensuring the safety of both their crew and your property. Safety standards should be non-negotiable.

8. What Is Your Cleanup Process?

Roofing projects can generate a significant amount of debris. Ensure that the roofer has a plan for cleaning up the work site and disposing of waste properly. A well-organized cleanup process will minimize the impact on your property and ensure that your home is left in a clean and safe condition after the project is completed.

9. What Payment Terms Do You Offer?

Discuss the payment terms with the roofer before starting the project. Be wary of any roofer who demands full payment upfront. A reputable professional will typically request a reasonable deposit upfront, with the balance due upon completion. Ensure that the payment terms are clearly outlined in the contract.

10. Do You Have a Written Contract?

A written contract is a crucial element in any roofing project. It should outline all the details, including the scope of work, materials, costs, timelines, and payment terms. Make sure you read and understand the contract thoroughly before signing it, and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on any unclear points.


Hiring the right mobile home roofer is a significant decision that can impact the longevity and performance of your mobile home’s roof. By asking these ten essential questions, you can make an informed choice and ensure that the roofer you select is qualified, experienced, and reliable. Remember that a professional and reputable roofer will be more than willing to provide you with answers to these questions and put your mind at ease. Your mobile home’s roof is a critical component of your property, and taking the time to choose the right roofer is a smart investment in its long-term well-being.


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