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Are you considering relocating a mobile home onto your property in Florida? While it might seem like a straightforward solution for affordable housing, there are regulations and considerations to navigate. This article explores the legal aspects, logistical challenges, and financial implications of “Can I move a mobile home to my property” in the Sunshine State?

Can I move a mobile home to my property

Florida Law and Mobile Home Relocation

Florida has specific regulations regarding moving mobile homes, especially those exceeding 20 years old. Here’s a breakdown of the key legal aspects:

  • Age Restrictions: Pre-HUD mobile homes manufactured before June 15, 1976, generally cannot be relocated within Florida due to safety concerns.
  • Building Code Compliance: Mobile homes over 20 years old must meet current Florida building codes before being relocated. This might involve upgrades to ensure structural integrity and safety.
  • Permits and Approvals: It is crucial to obtain permits from local authorities. These typically include approvals for transportation, placement on your property, and any necessary site preparation work, such as foundation construction or utility connections.

Required Documents for Moving a Mobile Home

The specific documents you’ll need can vary depending on your locality, but generally, you’ll require:

  • Proof of Ownership: This could be your mobile home title or a bill of sale.
  • Moving Permit Application: This form is obtained from your local building department.
  • Engineering Certifications: If your mobile home requires upgrades to meet the code, you’ll need documentation from a licensed engineer.
  • Site Plans: Detailed plans outlining the intended location and foundation system for the mobile home on your property.
  • Mover’s License and Insurance: Ensure the company transporting your mobile home is licensed and carries adequate insurance.

Pros and Cons of Moving a Mobile Home on Your Property


  • Affordability: Mobile homes offer a cost-effective housing option compared to traditional stick-built homes.
  • Customization: If you own a mobile home, you might have more freedom to personalize it within zoning regulations.
  • Familiarity: If you’re already comfortable living in a mobile home, relocating it to your property allows you to maintain your lifestyle.


  • Regulations and Costs: Meeting Florida’s relocation requirements can be complex and expensive, including permits, inspections, and potential upgrades.
  • Logistics and Expertise: Moving a mobile home is a specialized job requiring a licensed and insured mover.
  • Zoning Restrictions: Not all Florida communities allow mobile homes on private property. Check your local zoning regulations to avoid legal issues.
  • Financing Challenges: Obtaining traditional financing for a used mobile home on your land can take time and effort.
  • Potential Resale Value: Mobile homes generally depreciate, impacting your property’s resale potential.

Additional Considerations

  • Mobile Home Condition: The age and condition of the mobile home significantly impact relocation feasibility and cost. Older homes might require extensive renovations to meet the code.
  • Property Suitability: Your property’s size and layout must accommodate the mobile home’s dimensions and foundation requirements. Consider access for the moving crew and utility connections.
  • Hidden Costs: Factor in unexpected costs like foundation construction, skirting installation, and utility hookups.


Deciding to “Can I move a mobile home to my property” in Florida requires careful research and planning. Understanding the legal framework, potential costs, and logistical challenges is crucial. Weigh the pros and cons thoroughly, considering your budget, long-term plans, and local regulations. Consulting a qualified mobile home relocation specialist and your local building department can provide invaluable guidance.


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