Do Sarasota Mobile Home Pest Inspections Include Termite Treatment?

Sarasota Mobile Home Termite Inspections

Do pest treatments for mobile homes include termite inspections all the time?

This is a question we were presented with just last week and we feel it would be a good idea to review this for all Sarasota mobile home Buyers.

We had a Buyer who purchased a mobile home from a Seller, who kept up on their pest treatments every quarter of the year, for the entire ownership time of their home.

Before we go any further, for all of you non-Floridians watching, let me point out for a moment that when you have a mobile home in Florida, it is imperative to keep up unrequired pest treatments each and every quarter that you own the home.

The reason why is that much of a mobile home is built on, and manufactured with, wood.

From the floor support beams, to the plywood floors, which are both a prime location for termite attacks, this is how what mobile home is built on.

Add to the fact that we here in the Sarasota area experience quite a few hot months followed by several very wet months with tons of rain and we are in a perfect location for severe termite damage if the home has not been treated on a regular basis.

If termite damage becomes severe enough, then a mobile home may have to go through the tinting process in order to deep clean it, if you will, the home, for termites and termite damage.

As mentioned in a previous video blog here on the site, a tinting service can be so serious that the entire home needs to have all food, pets, and people, removed for several days in order for the entire process to be completed.

Add to all of this headache, is a cost of the tinting, which can run well over $2,000 for a double-wide mobile home tint job, from front to back. Many full tint jobs will need to be done not only on the home itself, but also on the carport, the support beams, and all storage areas both attached to the home and in the backyard.

It is a really serious process when it comes to termite application through the tinting process!

All of this may be avoided if the quarterly pest service includes the termite treatment.

What we have learned is that when hiring a pest spraying service, to make sure that service professional goes forward and actually does the termite treatment each and every time they come to your house. This will cost more, but it can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the future if it is not done. Not only that, but also the headache.

Regarding the Buyer that we spoke of earlier, we wound up finding that the Seller did not do the treatment on the last spraying and that was all. Lucky for the Buyer, it was only a one-time deal. The Buyer was able to rectify the situation and get the home re-sprayed before any serious issues occurred with those pesky little termites!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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