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The dream of affordable homeownership often leads many to consider manufactured homes in mobile home parks. These communities offer a sense of belonging and provide a lot to rent while you own the mobile home itself. However, even as a homeowner, residing in a mobile home park comes with a set of rules outlined in a lease agreement. Breaching these terms can lead to eviction, leaving you scrambling for alternative housing and potentially facing the complex task of relocating your mobile home.

mobile home park eviction

Facing Eviction: Common Reasons

Understanding the common reasons for eviction in mobile home parks can help you avoid such a situation. Here are some key factors to be aware of:

  • Non-payment of Lot Rent: The most common reason for eviction in mobile home parks involves failing to pay your monthly lot rent on time. Most lease agreements stipulate a grace period for late payments, but persistent delinquency can ultimately lead to eviction proceedings.
  • Violations of the Lease Agreement: Mobile home park leases outline the rules and regulations governing your occupancy. This may include restrictions on pets, noise levels, yard maintenance, or modifications made to your mobile home. Repeated or significant violations of these terms can be grounds for eviction.
  • Illegal Activity: Engaging in criminal activity within the mobile home park, like drug use or violence, is a serious offense that can lead to immediate eviction proceedings. This protects the safety and well-being of all community residents.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: In some rare cases, unforeseen circumstances might lead to eviction. For example, if the mobile home park undergoes renovations requiring the relocation of all residents, eviction might be unavoidable. However, in such cases, the park owner is typically obligated to provide ample notice and potentially offer relocation assistance.

Taking Action to Avoid Eviction

Knowing the potential pitfalls allows you to take proactive measures to prevent eviction:

  • Pay Rent on Time: This is the most crucial step. Set up automatic payments or reminders to ensure your lot rent is paid on time and in full monthly.
  • Understand Your Lease Agreement: Read your lease agreement thoroughly and familiarize yourself with all the rules and regulations. If anything is unclear, seek clarification from the park management.
  • Maintain Open Communication: Communicate respectfully and openly with the park manager. If you anticipate difficulty paying rent, approach them proactively to discuss potential solutions.
  • Comply with Maintenance Requirements: The lease agreement might specify your responsibilities regarding the upkeep of your mobile home and surrounding area. Address any maintenance issues promptly to avoid violations.
  • Document Everything: If you encounter problems with the park management or believe they are unfairly targeting you for eviction, record all communication and document any relevant events. This documentation can be helpful if you need to seek legal assistance.

Know Your Rights During Eviction Proceedings

Even if you face eviction, it’s important to understand your rights as a tenant:

  • Right to Notice: The park owner is legally obligated to provide a written notice outlining the reason for eviction and the timeframe for you to rectify the situation or vacate the premises. The specific timeframe for this notice can vary depending on the nature of the violation.
  • Right to a Hearing: In some cases, depending on local laws and the reason for eviction, you might have the right to request a hearing to contest the eviction with the park management or a housing authority.

Final Words

While eviction from a mobile home park is a severe consequence, it’s often avoidable with a little effort and awareness. By prioritizing on-time rent payments, understanding your lease agreement, and maintaining open communication with the park management, you can significantly reduce the risk of eviction. In the unfortunate event that eviction proceedings begin, knowing your rights and seeking legal counsel can help protect your interests and reach a more favorable outcome. Preventative measures and open communication are key to thriving in a mobile home park community.


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