How Many People Can Be On A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Park Application?

The often confusing, rarely explained Sarasota Florida area mobile home park application.

A necessity for all mobile home Buyers to pass in order for the Buyer to be approved by the park so that they can move forward with the purchase of their mobile home.

The endless questions that these confusing applications cause is something of a nuisance in the mobile home park industry especially within the Sarasota Florida area.

Today, we will go into further detail of how many people can be on a singular application, what information the park is looking for and if the incomes of both parties can be combined in order to meet the income requirements for the mobile home park application.

When working with a licensed mobile home broker during the purchase or sale of your mobile home within the Sarasota Florida area, we at The Mobile Home Dealer, require for each Buyer to be approved by the park prior to closing on their mobile home.

The reason for this requirement is because if the Buyer is not approved prior to buying the mobile home and wait until after the sale has been completed then both the Buyer and the Seller could be running into a large issue.

If the Buyer is not approved prior to the sale and waits until after the sale has closed to get approved and are denied then now they own a mobile home within a mobile home park that they are unable to own. In this situation, the Buyer of the home will need to look to either sell the home that they just bought right away as, legally, they are not able to live within the home. If the Buyer is able to and the home is of the age then the Buyer could look to move the home to another park or to private land. Sadly, this is not very common as the average age of a mobile home within the greater Sarasota Florida area is over the age that a permit will be written for the home to be moved.

If this turns out to be the case then the Buyer will usually have to sell the home that they just bought.

This terribly stressful situation could have been avoided if the Buyer of the mobile home went ahead and were approved by the mobile home park prior to making the purchase of their mobile home.

When filling out the park application it is imperative that every person who is planning on living in the home be on the application. Usually, there can be two adults per home that are allowed on most park applications.

Here, the joint income of both adults is usually used in order to see if the applicants are approved for residency within the park based on the income requirements that they need to meet.

Most parks will look for a 3-4X reported income to lot rent ratio.

A simple example of this will be if the lot rent for the park is $500 then the park will usually want to see gross reported wages some where between $1,500 and $2,000 per month for all adult applicants who will be living within the mobile home.

Generally speaking, most park offices require the same information for each applicant:

  1. Reported Wages
  2. Credit Check
  3. Criminal Background Check
  4. Application Fee
  5. Copy Of Photo Identification

Once all of this information is properly filled out and given back to the park office then the manager or owner will be able to begin getting the application approved for the new Buyer to become a resident of the mobile home park where their new home resides!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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