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The Sunshine State beckons with its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and diverse landscapes. It’s no surprise that Florida is a popular destination for those seeking an affordable place to live. One option gaining traction is the 4-bedroom mobile home, offering spacious living at a potentially lower cost compared to traditional stick-built houses. But how much exactly does a 4-bedroom mobile home cost in Florida?

The answer, like the Florida sunshine, isn’t always straightforward. The final price tag can vary considerably depending on several factors. Understanding these factors will empower you to make informed decisions as you embark on your Florida mobile home journey.

4-bedroom mobile home

A Breakdown of Costly Considerations

Regarding the price of a 4-bedroom mobile home in Florida, it’s not just about the home’s sticker price. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors that influence the overall cost:

  • The Home Itself:

    • New vs. Used: New mobile homes naturally have a higher price tag, typically ranging from $60,000 to $150,000 for a basic 4-bedroom model. Used mobile homes can be significantly cheaper, starting around $30,000, but potentially requiring renovations or repairs that add to the cost.
    • Size and Features: Larger square footage and additional features like upgraded appliances, designer finishes, or porches will increase the price.
    • Manufacturer: Different manufacturers offer varying levels of quality and materials, impacting the cost—research reputable manufacturers known for durable construction.
  • Land and Lot Rent:

    • Owning vs. Renting the Land: In Florida, you can purchase the land where the mobile home sits or rent a lot in a mobile home community. Owning the land gives you more control but adds a significant cost to the overall purchase. Renting a lot typically involves monthly fees that can range from $300 to $800, depending on the amenities offered by the community (swimming pools, clubhouses, etc.).
  • Transportation and Setup:

    • Delivery and Installation: The cost of transporting the mobile home to your desired location and setting it up on the foundation can range from $2,000 to $5,000.
  • Additional Costs:

    • Financing: If you’re financing the mobile home purchase, factor in interest rates and loan terms.
    • Permits and Inspections: Obtaining necessary permits and inspections can add a few hundred dollars to the final cost.
    • Taxes: Mobile homes located on leased land are considered personal property in Florida, so property taxes are generally lower than those for traditional houses. However, you’ll still be responsible for paying them.
    • Furniture and Appliances: These are not typically included in the purchase price of the mobile home.

Unveiling the Estimated Price Range

Now that you understand the various costs, let’s explore the estimated price range for a 4-bedroom mobile home in Florida. Here’s a breakdown considering different scenarios:

  • Budget-Friendly: A used 4-bedroom mobile home (around 1,200 square feet) in a modest mobile home community with rented land could cost $30,000 for the home itself, $5,000 for transportation and setup, $500 for permits and inspections, and $4,800 per year for lot rent (assuming a monthly cost of $400). This scenario brings the total cost to around $40,300, not including furniture, appliances, and ongoing property taxes.

  • Mid-Range: A new 4-bedroom mobile home (around 1,500 square feet) with some upgraded features in a community with more amenities and a rented lot could cost $80,000 for the home, $4,000 for transportation and setup, $700 for permits and inspections, and $7,200 per year for lot rent (assuming a monthly cost of $600). This scenario totals around $91,900, again excluding furniture, appliances, and property taxes.

  • High-End: A brand new, spacious 4-bedroom mobile home (around 2,000 square feet) with top-of-the-line features in a high-end mobile home community with owned land could cost $150,000 for the home, $5,000 for transportation and setup, $$800 for permits and inspections, and property taxes which can vary depending on the value of the land but could be around $2,000 per year. The cost of the land itself can vary greatly depending on location and size, but for this example, let’s estimate $50,000. This scenario brings the total cost to a whopping $207,800, including the land but not including furniture and appliances.

Important Note: These are just estimates, and the actual cost can be higher or lower depending on the abovementioned factors.


While a 4-bedroom mobile home in Florida can be a budget-friendly housing option, carefully considering all the cost factors involved is crucial. By understanding the impact of factors like the home itself, land ownership, additional costs, and ongoing expenses, you can make informed decisions and find a mobile home that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Here are some additional tips for navigating the cost of a 4-bedroom mobile home in Florida:

  • Shop around: Compare prices from different manufacturers and mobile home communities.
  • Factor in hidden costs: Don’t just focus on the upfront cost. Consider ongoing expenses like lot rent, property taxes, and maintenance.
  • Get pre-approved for financing: Knowing your budget beforehand strengthens your negotiating position and helps avoid overspending.
  • Consider used homes: Used mobile homes can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget, but be prepared for potential repairs or renovations.
  • Negotiate! Feel free to negotiate the price of the mobile home, transportation, and setup costs.

By following these tips and thoroughly researching your options, you can find a 4-bedroom mobile home in Florida that fulfills your dream of sunshine living at an affordable price.


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