How To NOT Get Your Sarasota Mobile Home Sold!

If you do not want to sell your home, watch this video.
Today we are going to begin a short mini-series entitled, “How To Not Get Your Home Sold”.

I feel that this is a topic that very few people want to discuss, as everyone wants to know how to sell their home but they never talk about what to do to not sell it.

Within this series, I will go over examples from personal situations we at The Mobile Home Dealer have gone over in the past that led to a Seller not getting their homes sold even after we had a Buyer with cash in hand who is ready and willing to purchase their property at an agreed upon price.

Although some of these situations may seem downright goofy, I promise you, these have all happened to one or more of our team members when trying to sell a mobile home for one of our clients.

With that said, please take this mini-series as a reference list of what not to do if your goal is to get your mobile home sold!

Today, we’re going to review the importance of fixing what you say you will fix on your mobile home.

All of the mobile homes that we sell at The Mobile Home Dealer are sold in what is called “as is” condition.

What this means is that the Seller and anyone here at The Mobile Home Dealer is not making any representations or warranties on anything within the mobile home.

Another way of putting this is the Buyer is getting exactly what they are seeing.

When a Buyer decides to purchase a mobile home that we are listing, they have the right to do what’s called a final inspection of the home that they are getting ready to purchase. This final walk-through is done with a team member within The Mobile Home Dealer organization. Here, we welcome the Buyer to essentially try out the house. The Buyer is welcome to turn on the water, and the lights, and check the appliances or any other part of the home before agreeing to make their final purchase.

This is essentially their final test drive before they sign the papers and take the car off the lot to put it in their garage if you will.

When we complete this final walk-through with the Buyer, we review the Seller Disclosure Form that the Seller filled out with one of our team members at the initial listing appointment. The Seller disclosure goes over all of the items that are, to the best of the Seller’s knowledge, wrong or not working right with the home. The Buyer signs off on this document when they are going through their final closing documents, acknowledging the fact that they know full well what they are buying.

During the final walk-through, the Buyer has a chance to ask if something can be fixed that they feel is either broken or not working properly, even though the home is being sold in as-is condition.
mobile home sarasotaSarasota mobile home
Here, is where we see our first example of how a Seller should go about things if they don’t want to sell their house.

In several instances, we have gone to the final walk-through and the Buyer stops the closing process because they see something that is of concern. Examples of this could be a hot water pump not working, a window not opening, or a door that just will not close. You name it, at this point, we have seen it all.

Here, we keep in mind the Buyer is being sold the home in as-is condition, but acknowledge that they have the right to ask for whatever item to be fixed by the Seller prior to the closing.

We will communicate with the Seller to see if they are willing to get the item fixed that caused the Buyer’s concern. If the Seller says they will fix it, we will notify the Buyer of this. Usually, the Seller goes through and keeps their word, getting things fixed that they said they would repair. Sometimes, however, the Seller will say they will get things fixed but then decide to not get them repaired for whatever reason and go back on their word with the Buyer!

As I am sure you can imagine, this causes a major trust issue with the Buyer.

It is not uncommon for the Buyer to walk from the deal, leaving the Seller with a home that they could have sold if they would have only kept their word and followed through with what they said they would do.

If something is wrong and you, as a Seller, agree to fix it, make sure you follow through!

If not, you very well may be back to square one looking for another Buyer.

Selling a mobile home can be a complicated process, and not being properly prepared can make it even more difficult. Before attempting to list and market a mobile home for sale, it is important to create a budget, research the local market to determine an appropriate asking price and make necessary repairs or renovations. Having all of this in order will ensure that you get the best possible return on your mobile home when you put it up for sale.

People usually talk about “how to sell” and not about “how not to sell” so they often overlooked important reasons why they are not selling their mobile homes. Knowing many of these reasons can help you sell your home by avoiding these obvious reasons.

There are other reasons why you are not selling your mobile home not only Sarasota and I pretty much discussed this important topic in several of my videos. We also have articles here about this topic and I invite you to read them as this topic is broad and cannot be covered in just one or two videos.

This is Mark Kaiser with the Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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