Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Park Residency Restrictions Explained!

Do visitor restrictions for Sarasota Florida mobile home parks even exist?

The answer, is, yes, yes they do!

When looking at buying a mobile home on leased land within the greater Sarasota Florida area one needs to be aware of if the park that they are buying in has these restrictions and, if so, what are they and how do they affect all the owners of the park.

What we have seen here at The Mobile Home Dealer, is that this issue usually only is associated with mobile homes within mobile home parks that also double as RV parks.

These multi use parks, where both RV’s and mobile homes are located within usually have some odd restrictions that every Buyer needs to be aware of prior to moving forward with purchasing a home, travel trailer or RV within the park.

Generally speaking, we do not see the travel restriction being prevalent within traditional mobile home parks as these parks always have the ability for residents or visitors to stay year round regardless of what home they are living in.

Each mobile home park, whether it is a traditional mobile home park or that of a multi use park will have what is known as a park prospectus for the entire community. A park prospectus is essentially a long list of all the rules that the residents who call the park home need to abide by. These rules will go over the usage of motorcycles, the ability to have pets, how many guests can stay in the home along with how long one can stay in the home. Within this document that the park manager will give every Buyer will go over the details of if the park is a full time residency park or if it is a part time residency park.

Generally speaking a full time residency park is exactly what it sounds like, there are no restrictions to anyone for any length of time so long as there are no rules violations or reasons why the resident should not be living in the park in the first place.

Limited residency parks are ones that state that the residents within the park will only be able to live within the traditional confines of the park for a limited amount of time per year.

The most common limit is for residents to only be able to live in the park six months of the year and the other six months they are unable to live within the park.

There seems to be a bit of gray as to how hard the mobile home park managers seem to enforce this rule as well as how exactly they do elect to enforce this when the resident physically owns the home they live in.

Regardless of these details it still is important to know that these rules exist and for every mobile home Buyer to be aware of it and how it will affect them moving forward.

Most mobile home parks within the Sarasota Florida area are full time residency parks but it is also important to realize that not all parks throughout the area follow this rule.

When looking at buying a mobile home within the greater Sarasota Florida area we can not stress enough to every Buyer to read and understand all the rules and regulations of the park prior to buying their mobile home so that you are able to know if the park is a full time residency or a part time residency park.

Having this information readily available will surely help you, the Buyer, in deciding if the home you are looking at is right for you.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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