“Hey, Mark. What Is My Sarasota Mobile Home Worth?” We at The Mobile Home Dealer get asked this all the time and we’ve decided that coming up with a series to go over what items and upgrades do add value and those that do not would be helpful for all of our viewers.

In this multi-part series, we will look to review what items bring value to your home in dollars at the closing table, and what upgrades come in value in your enjoyment of usage, but not necessarily cash money in your pocket when you sell your home.

First and foremost, before we even get started, we want to make perfectly clear that we at The Mobile Home Dealer believe that whatever upgrades you do to your home, you should go ahead and enjoy them for what they are!

This series is simply the perspective taken on what brings money to your pocket and what doesn’t, not what is enjoyable for you while living in the home!

Make sense?

The house you live in is yours to make it a home. So if the items you feel you want to add or have added to the home, do not make it into this series, but you feel you have gotten several years of enjoyment out of them, then great!

The first upgrade we’ll discuss in the series is the idea of selling your home fully furnished.

Fully furnished can mean several different things to several different people, but for this video, we will assume that fully furnished is everything in the home is included, from the furniture to the beds, right down to the forks and knives. Since we see homes sold this way all the time, what we can tell you is that many times homes that are fully furnished will sell faster. This is in large part because we feel that when Buyers see homes with all the furnishings included, they can easily see themselves moving in and enjoying the home without the added hassle of lugging down furniture from their current house or going to the furniture store the first day they own the home.

What Is My Sarasota Mobile Home Wort

Mobile home in Sarasota Florida for sale

Selling your home faster will mean you as a seller will not be paying as much in lot rent, which will lead to having more money in your pocket.

Fully furnished mobile homes usually don’t sell for much, if any, more money than non-furnished homes.

So is selling your mobile home fully furnished a way to make more money on the sale? Well, yes and no. Yes, in that you will keep more money in your pocket from not having to pay lot rent, but no, in the fact that fully furnished mobile homes usually do not sell for more money at the closing table.

Let me explain.

Preowned furniture that comes with the mobile home will not have any real value to it whatsoever. However, the speed at which a home is sold when it is fully furnished is much quicker than that of a totally empty home. One reason for this is that many mobile homes throughout Sarasota are bought as second homes or vacation homes for new owners. Here, these Buyers are looking for an affordable way to live their Florida dream without having to buy a new mobile home and look to spend several thousand dollars on top of that to furnish the property.

Why buying furniture and furnishing your mobile home can save you a lot of money?

Sounds weird right? No! Let me explain.

A fully-furnished mobile home can be sold in a few weeks while an empty mobile home can be sold in six months or even more. Yes, you heard it right so how can you save money?

Assuming you spent $3,000 on furniture and sold your mobile home in just 3 weeks, you avoid losing thousands. Why? If your mobile home is not sold within 6 months, this means that you continue to pay lot rent for every month that your mobile home is sitting there waiting to be bought.

Assuming the lot rent is $700 per month, for six months you will be paying a total of $4,200 without any assurance that your mobile home will attract any buyer. But what if your home sits longer? Every month you are going to lose $700 more.

Can a fully furnished mobile home really sell fast? Based on our years of experience selling mobile homes, YES!

Remember that the majority of mobile home buyers in the Sarasota, Florida, area are from other states, and buying furniture, or bringing one, is not really part of their plan. Of course, a fully-furnished home will sell faster than an unfurnished one if both are at almost the same price.

Consider our suggestion if you want to sell your mobile home fast and avoid paying monthly lot rent. If, however, you want to pay monthly lot rent and wait for a miracle to happen, then do not buy any furniture.

Check back next week for another installment of what is my Sarasota mobile home worth.

The Mobile Home Dealer is a licensed mobile home broker in Sarasota, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We provide professional buy and/or sell assistance to our clients. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by clicking this link. You may also visit our Facebook Page and send us a message.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, which helps mobile home Buyers and Sellers achieve better lives!

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