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Sarasota is a playground for people who love nature. Home to beautiful white-sand beaches, the city boasts thick mangroves and sprawling coastal parks to explore. 

I believe that the reason why you stumbled into this article is that you are looking for used mobile homes in Sarasota, Florida. Don’t worry, you are on the right track to finding answers to your questions, and even more so, you will be packed with additional knowledge about used mobile homes in Sarasota Florida after reading this article.

Used Mobile Homes in Sarasota Florida Buying Guide

First thing first, why do people move to Sarasota, Florida?

There are hundreds to even thousands of reasons why people are moving to this beautiful city and we cannot list everything so I will only provide some of the top and common reasons why many consider Sarasota as their next home.

  1.  Breathtaking white-sand beaches. Both visitors and residents love Sarasota beaches. People love walking along the Siesta Key beach. Once you experience it, you will understand why Sarasota is such a popular destination.
  1. Rich culture and arts community. White sandy beaches may be the most popular destination for most visitors but the city prides itself on rich culture and arts. If beach activity is not your forte, attractions like opera, theaters, museums, live music, galleries, and such are all waiting for you.
  1.  A family-oriented place. Sarasota is known to have a reputation as a friendly city where everyone is welcome. Sarasota communities are comprised of working-class locals, affluent visitors, and young professionals, and one of the best places in the country for retirees.
  1. Fishing. With the Gulf of Mexico at your doorstep, fishing is always one of the fun things to do. Sarasota is a popular destination for snowbirds during harsh winters in the North. The weather in Southwest Florida typically stays pretty mild throughout the winter, which allows local and visiting anglers to continue fishing all year round.
  1. Stunning and affordable real estate. Because the city is a popular destination, it is normal to have a wide selection of dwellings. From condos and apartments to mobile homes, Sarasota has it all. Owning a mobile home in Sarasota while enjoying the weather all year round is a no-brainer.

Many people think that when a place is considered a tourist destination, the cost of living is expensive, and finding a home to buy or rent is difficult. Although this may sound true in the East and West Coasts touristry areas, Sarasota is different. Sarasota boasts over 100 mobile home parks and most of these parks host older mobile homes so finding a cheap used mobile home is not a problem.

Three major advantages of buying a used mobile home in Sarasota Florida

For some, the American Dream of living in a place where golf courses, shopping centers, natural parks, and white beaches – are just a dream. A lot of things can stand between the buyer and home ownership. Whether it is a competitive real estate market forcing them out of their hometown, or a low salary or credit score that is just not enough to buy a new house, their American Dream could remain a dream forever.

Whatever the obstacles for owning a home for a buyer, a used mobile home is a more realistic way to live in a semi-affluent place like Sarasota without breaking the bank, and achieving that elusive American Dream! 

Why choose to buy a used over a new mobile home in Sarasota Florida?

  1. Affordability 

Cost savings is the number one reason most people consider when buying a mobile home in the Sarasota Florida area. While the median price of a new stick-built house in the City is $438K, a new single-wide mobile home costs an average of $81,700. To buy a used mobile home, one has to spend far less. There are used single-wide mobile homes in the Sarasota Florida area that cost as low as $20,000, and just need an extra couple of thousand dollars to repair.

For example, when you buy a used mobile home for $20,000, you are paying less for the luxury features of a new mobile home. If you want to live in a mobile home with the same features as a newly built manufactured home, you still have the option to modify your house for a lower cost.

  1. Customization and Flexibility

Buyers of used mobile homes have more options for customization than those who buy newly built mobile homes. It is normal in human nature “not to touch anything new because it could be ruined.” The same can be said for a newly built mobile home. Unless it is designed, customized, and manufactured for a specific buyer, new mobile homes don’t need improvement so the owner has no flexibility if they want something different, especially inside the house. 

Used mobile homes are totally on another level. Sometimes, the buyer looks to buy used mobile homes that need extensive repair for a very low cost and spend the rest of their house money on customization. They are not only paying far lower compared to new mobile homes but also are getting exactly what they want.

  1. Great Investment for New Families

We heard a lot of stories about new couples struggling to buy their new homes. Finding a house for the very first time is not an easy thing to do because as a new couple, you have to see your family three to ten years ahead. Will you buy a single-family home? What if you will have children in the next 5 years? Will you transfer to a bigger home? 

If you are a new couple in Sarasota Florida and having the same dilemma, buying a used mobile home is your best option.

Many couples who are financially conscious buy fixer-upper mobile homes for a very low price, spend a couple of thousand dollars on repairs, and live within while saving money for future real estate plans. When they save enough money to buy their dream house for their growing family, they just sell their mobile home. Although not all of them make a profit, being free of a mortgage payment for years while saving money is certainly a proven way to get ahead financially. But with the growing demand for used mobile homes in Florida, buying a used mobile home and flipping it after some time could actually be profitable.

Used Mobile Homes in Sarasota Florida Buying Guide

How to Buy a Used Mobile Home in Sarasota Florida

If you never shopped for a used mobile home before, you may not even know where to begin. Buying a new mobile home is easier because you just need to contact the manufacturer and the park where the mobile home is to be installed, but buying a used mobile home in the Sarasota Florida area is a different ball game.

Fortunately, used mobile home buyers can now use different methods of shopping even if one is out of Florida. We, at the Mobile Home Dealer, are experts in used mobile home brokerage in the Sarasota Florida area so you don’t need to spend hours and hours searching online, or going down here in person. We even have our own list of used mobile homes for sale here.

The majority of used mobile homes in the greater Sarasota Florida area today are already set up for years in mobile home parks. One big advantage of buying a used mobile home that is already installed in the park is the utility set up such as electricity and water supply. Having these already set up minimizes your stress.

Once you find a used mobile home that you want to buy, the first thing to do is to inquire at the mobile home park’s manager’s office. Most mobile home parks in Sarasota Florida offer leased land for mobile homeowners and as a buyer, you need to get park approval first before you are allowed to live in a particular park. If you find this process confusing or too complicated, you may consult with an experienced mobile home broker like The Mobile Home Dealer.

Some useful tips when deciding to buy a used mobile home in Sarasota Florida

  1. Know and establish your budget. Knowing and establishing your budget is the most important thing to do before shopping for a used mobile home. Are you ready to spend your whole $20k in a used mobile home that does not require a repair, or buy a $ 15k used mobile home and spend the rest on repairs? Both have advantages and disadvantages but if you are looking for customization, the latter is your best option. You can even save money if you can lower the repair cost.
  1. Know your lifestyle and property requirements. Do you want to live simply, or with a little bit of luxury? What furnishings do you need? What type of flooring do you like? These things have effects on costs so you better be prepared.
  1. Narrow your lists of preferred neighborhoods and mobile home parks. As mentioned above, Sarasota Florida has more than 100 mobile home parks located in different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is different from another. Know your needs like shopping, golfing, beaching, and other activities. If you are working in an urban city, pick a neighborhood that is closer to your work. If you want a peaceful community, pick a place far from urban areas.   
  1. Find a reliable and trusted mobile home broker. Having a trusted and expert broker like The Mobile Home Dealer will ease a lot of burden in finding, buying, and closing a mobile home buying process. Especially if you are living outside the state of Florida, buying a used mobile home here can be stressful. Having a trusted mobile home broker on your site will give you a lot of peace of mind.
  1. Do your homework. Once you find a trusted broker, it is your time to prepare everything. This includes your schedule of meetings with your broker and seller and the documents needed for park approval. Are you paying in cash or through financing? Most used mobile home transactions in the Sarasota Florida area are done on a cash-only basis. Although there is some financing available, the options are very limited. Make sure to be prepared to provide all details to the broker when they ask.

Why Buying a Used Mobile Home in Sarasota Florida is a Good Investment

Sarasota offers a great opportunity for mobile home investors. The continuous increase of traditional housing prices prompts many people, local and visitors alike, to move to mobile homes. The rising price is not the only reason why the demand for a used mobile home is increasing. People visit the city due to its attractions, and family activities. Students are moving to the Sarasota area to utilize the fantastic educational opportunities, and retirees choose the area for its tremendous climate.

Whether you are buying a used mobile home and using it as your primary home or having it rented, there is always a great monetary value when a mobile home purchases to that of a stick-built home.  In fact, all people who own mobile homes can be considered investors because everyone knows they are going to sell their mobile homes later. This is not happening in traditional real estate where houses are getting inherited for generations. This makes mobile homes a good investment for non-investors. 

Affordability is not the only reason why people buy and move to used mobile homes. Mobile homes are becoming a way of living, a growing trend, and a luxury for many.


While used mobile homes come with many advantages for buyers, they can also cause some long-term issues if you don’t know what to watch out for during the buying process. Arming yourself with the right questions to ask about used mobile homes, at the beginning of your search, will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Used mobile homes can be an affordable and flexible alternative to expensive site-built homes for buyers. With the right tools and knowledge, you can find the perfect used mobile home in Sarasota Florida for your budget and lifestyle and move from renting to homeownership without putting yourself in financial peril.

If you are planning on buying a used mobile home in the greater Sarasota Florida area, we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, are happy to assist you with the purchase requirements such as virtual showings, closing assistance, and title transfer of your new mobile home.  Contact Us anytime or message us through our Facebook page


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