What A Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Inspection Should NOT Be Used For!


You found the mobile home you have been looking to buy for quite some time that is located in the greater Sarasota Florida area!

But, before you pack your bags and begin to head towards the beautiful Sarasota Florida area you first need to close on your new home that you are buying.

In order to do that you may want to hire a trained professional who can complete a thorough inspection of your mobile home so that you know exactly what type of condition the home is in prior to making your final purchase.

There are several licensed mobile home inspection companies throughout the Sarasota Florida area that we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, work with on a regular basis. All of these companies do a fine job at taking a detailed look at the entire home to see exactly what is going on with the property prior to the new owner moving forward and buying the mobile home.

Generally speaking, a mobile home inspection may cost several hundred dollars to complete and the cost will need to be paid by the Buyer of the mobile home.

What the Buyer of the mobile home needs to understand before they spend their money on an inspection is that every mobile home we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, sell are homes in “As Is” condition.

What as is condition means is that, essentially the Buyer is buying what they are seeing and nothing more. There are no warranties that are expressed or implied by us as licensed mobile home brokers nor from the actual Seller of the mobile home.

If a Buyer is looking to get a home inspection to get a better idea of what exactly is going on with the mobile home they are buying then we certainly suggest this if this will help put the Buyers mind at ease. Many times, Buyers will do this if they are buying the mobile home without ever stepping foot into the property.

Here, the Buyer will gain quite a bit of knowledge on the property and its central operating components such as the roof, flooring system, hot water heater, plumbing and electrical setup. Having this information handy prior to making a purchase is always a wise decision so that the new home owner can have a much more clear way of understanding what potential repairs may be needed in the future.

What a home inspection on a mobile home should not be used for is to try and use it as a negotiation tool with the Seller.

The reason for this is that, generally speaking, the price of the home has already been agreed upon in writing by the Buyer and the Seller prior to the home inspector coming on site to complete the inspection. No where in the purchase agreement that we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, use states that the property price is contingent on the inspection report. The reason for this is because both the Buyer and the Seller are agreeing that the home is being sold for and purchased in as is condition.

If you are looking at purchasing a mobile home and would like a professional home inspection done on your mobile home before sending in your final payment to purchase the home we feel this is a great idea and one that should certainly be used more often then what we currently see in the field at this time.

However, if you are looking at taking this home inspection and using it as a bargaining tool with the Seller then we would suggest not doing this as the home price is already agreed up on and the Buyer is buying the home from the Seller in as is condition.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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