What Is The Offer Process For A Sarasota Mobile Home?

With the speed at which mobile homes are selling in and around the greater Sarasota Florida area many Buyers are concerned with how they are able to secure their purchase as fast as possible so that other eager Buyers are not able to come in and buy the mobile home out from underneath them?

Before we secure the mobile home for sale we first have to make sure that we have an accepted offer!

But, how is that done?!

We, here at the The Mobile Home Dealer, follow a straight forward process for that we have found to be as fair as possible for both the Buyer and Seller of the mobile home that is for sale.

The first step we have to have done is a written offer. While we certainly can appreciate the excitement that a verbal offer provides when a Buyer takes a look at one of our mobile homes that we have under listing contract, we cannot accept this. The reason for not accepting a verbal offer is because we want to always make sure there is a written record of exactly what was offered for the home, what was counter offered and what was finally agreed upon for the sale price of the mobile home.

Having a written record of the entire transaction will help everyone involved see exactly how the purchase has progressed from the initial offer to the closing.

After a written offer is made, for which we usually take all written offers via email, we then provide the written offer to the Seller to see if they want to accept the offer, counter offer or dismiss the offer as a whole.

If the Seller decides to dismiss the written offer made by the Buyer then the offer process is over.

If the Seller decides to counter offer the Buyer then we will go back to the Buyer and let them know what the Seller requested to see if they want to accept, decline or continue to counter offer the Seller.

If the Seller accepts the written offer from the Buyer then we will notify the Buyer that they will then need to go forward and begin the process of getting park approved within 24 hours of the accepted offer.

Once we have an accepted offer we will then have to wait to get the Buyer approved by the park before they are able to move forward with giving the deposit for the home.

The reason for this wait is because we, at The Mobile Home Dealer, are licensed bonded and insured mobile home brokers with the state of Florida and we are not allowed to sell a mobile home to someone who is not park approved.

If we have an accepted offer and the Buyer is not approved then we can not sell them the home.

If someone else comes forward and makes a written offer that is accepted and they have their park approval letter before the first Buyer is park approved then the second Buyer will be able to buy the home.

The speed at which a Buyer makes a written offer, gets it accepted and then gets approved by the park is of utmost importance because, at any time, there may be another Buyer that comes forward who is already park approved and able to but right away.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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