Should You Sell Your Sarasota Mobile Home In “As Is” Condition?

When looking to sell your mobile home every Seller wants to retain as much money as they can when the time comes to part ways with their Sarasota mobile home.

With continuing real estate prices throughout the area and nationwide every Seller wants to take advantage of this hot market in order to try and make a profit off of the sale of their mobile home.

One of the most common questions mobile home owners will have is; should they go ahead and sell the home in “As Is” condition or should the Seller look to fix every little thing that is wrong with the property in order to get the most money possible for their mobile home?

“As Is” condition is the term that is used in the mobile home industry as selling the home exactly the way it sits. Nothing is going to be fixed, no warranties of any kind are provided or implied and there will be nothing negotiated in the purchase agreement that will require the Sell to have to do anything to the property once it it is sold.

To put it direct, in an As Is mobile home sale, what you see is what you get.

Many times Sellers will entertain the idea of fixing all of the little things that are wrong with their home in an effort to get more money for their property or hoping that if these items are done it will help sell their home faster.

Although we here at The Mobile Home Dealer, can certainly appreciate the efforts and forward thinking of these Sellers we feel, that in our experience, selling the mobile home in the exact condition as it is will be the best decision for the Seller.

The reason why we support the idea of selling the home in As Is condition is because many of the fixes that the Seller may feel they need to do will not translate into any more money for them at the closing table. Many times the Seller feels that if they go forward and fix worn out or broken items throughout their home that not only will they get back 100% of the cost of these repairs but also look to profit on them as well.

Just last week we had A Seller who decided to rescreen their lanai and when they did they not only expected to get all of their materials and labor reimbursed but then decided that they wanted several thousand dollars on top of these amounts because it was a new upgrade to the home where as their neighbors did not have these upgrades done.

This is is false thinking and something that will not lead to the home selling any faster regardless of what type of market the mobile home industry is currently in.

If there are issues with your mobile home when you go to sell the property make sure you communicate these issues with your sales agent so they can clearly communicate them with the Buyers in order to properly present the property. Being upfront with your sales agent will help them in explaining the pros and cons of your home to all the potential Buyers.

We strongly suggest that if you do go ahead and fix the items in your home that are worn out or broken to do so with the full expectation that by doing these things you may only get what you paid for them back to you at closing and not be able to profit on these basic repairs what so ever.

Having a good understanding of what work is needed to be done and an understanding that these repairs will not provide any more profit to you when you look to sell your mobile home will help you in deciding on whether or not to sell your mobile home in As Is condition.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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