When Will More Mobile Home Parks Be Built In Sarasota Florida?

Currently, there are over two hundred mobile home parks throughout Sarasota County Florida, most of which have been in existence within the area since the 1960’s.

Although Sarasota County does not have the most parks in Florida one needs to wonder, will there ever be more mobile home parks built within Sarasota County?

With the recent rise in real estate prices and the focus being on affordable housing now more than in recent years many of the parks in the greater Sarasota Florida area are at capacity and most have very few homes for sale.

So, then, when will more parks be built?

We at The Mobile Home Dealer are not urban planners by any stretch of the imagination, however, we do feel we have a solid understanding of exactly what a mobile home park is and how they interact with the county that they reside in.

When we are referring to additional mobile home parks being built in Sarasota County, for this article, we are referring to ones where the resident owns their home and leases the land their home resides on through a monthly payment called lot rent.

By paying lot rent while owning the mobile home, the resident does not pay property taxes as they, technically, do not own the land that their home is residing on.

Since the resident is not paying property taxes then the County for which the home resides in is not receiving additional tax dollars to fund the County services that serve all the residents within the County.

What this means is that if a mobile home park has, for example, 100 homes with 2 individuals living in each home then the County is providing services for 200 people who are not paying property taxes to support these city services.

City services could be public libraries, police, fire and paramedics, public school costs and a variety of additional services that are provided to all County residents by way of tax dollars obtained from property taxes.

Most counties want to make sure that every parcel of land is set to its “best and highest use”.

A mobile home park where the County is not receiving additional tax dollars may not be viewed as the counties best use if the best use is being evaluated purely on tax dollars generated through property taxes.

Another point worth noting is that if one were to look at the Sarasota County maps prior to all the urban development we currently see, one would notice that many of the areas where the larger parks are built were, at one time rural areas.

Through the years following the parks being built the areas have been considerably built up with additional residential and commercial spaces leaving very little additional large plats of land needing to be developed.

Since a mobile home park will take several acres, at a minimum, of land to develop it is not looking like there is any additional land of that size open and available for large mobile home park developments to be completed.

Will there ever be a new mobile home park built within Sarasota County Florida? We can’t tell for certain but we would think that it would not be the most likely of circumstances based on the points addressed above.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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