Who Are Mobile Home Park Managers?

Have you ever wondered who handles the monthly lot rent collection?

Curious on who is the one in the mobile home park who makes sure all the rules are followed?

How about who is the person who oversees the mobile home park approval process?

Wondering if this is the same person?

Yes, it is!

Within the greater Sarasota Florida area mobile home parks usually have a manager that oversees all of these tasks and then some.

When looking at learning exactly who the mobile home park manager is and what they do it is highly suggested to understand that the mobile home park manager is the “gate keeper” if you will of the entire mobile home park.

Most mobile home park managers within the Sarasota Florida area are ones who have set hours of work where they are in the park office tending to the day to day tasks of running and operating a mobile home park.

Generally speaking, the mobile home park managers usually live on site within the mobile home park. If they do not live physically within the park then they certainly will live the in same general area of the park itself.

These managers report directly to the park owner if the park is a smaller one or if it is a larger corporation that owns the mobile home park then usually these managers will report to the Regional Park Manager for the area.

While it may sound like mobile home park managers have an easy job, this is simply not the case. Most managers only get spoken to when there is an issue such as if there is a resident who is not taking care of their property or a noise issue or even a maintenance issue that has to do with the public areas of the park.

As you can clearly see this quickly becomes a thankless job.

When looking at residing in a mobile home park it is important to realize that these managers have a difficult and, oftentimes, very unrewarding position within the mobile home park and to make sure you give them an ample amount of time to respond to your questions or your park approval status.

Most parks have one manager, if they are large enough this one manager will have an assistant but that is rarely the case. With all of these job duties required by the manager it can be an overwhelming position but one that needs to be staffed in order to make sure the park runs as well as possible.

If you are looking at moving into a mobile home park within the greater Sarasota Florida area we highly suggest you learn who the park manager is and to introduce yourself to them the next time you see them in the office!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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