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One of many questions beginner mobile homeowners always ask is how to prepare a mobile home against storms and any type of natural disaster, including strong winds.

Whether it is a hurricane, thunderstorm, or snow storm eventually a mobile homeowner will have to bunker down and hope for the best regarding weather conditions.

In states like Florida, where a storm hits at least once every three years, preparation for the worst is of the utmost importance. Mobile homes are built differently than conventional houses, and their thinner walls can cause big trouble for homeowners when a storm hits and there is a lack of preparation.

In order to prepare for those days ahead, one needs to understand exactly how to prepare their mobile homes and what are the easiest ways to protect their homes from anything a storm may throw at them.

Mobile home in Florida

Mobile home in Florida

When a storm or hurricane is forecast, make sure to know the exact path of the storm and how strong it will be before jumping into action. Spending a lot of time on preparation when the storm is only Category 1 can be a waste of time. An accurate weather forecast and total understanding are needed before you prepare. 

For sure no preparation is perfect and flawless. Expect to have minor loose ends but focusing only on the most important things greatly increases your chance of success. Thus, we suggest preparing the following two simple but important things.

  1. Utilize Storm Shutters

Most mobile homes will come standard equipped with storm shutters over every major window in the home. These shutters are oftentimes left open and propped up to help bring in additional natural light into the mobile home. While this is great most times of year make sure you do not forget that these shutters do provide a very valuable way to protect your mobile home!

Taking your mobile home storm shutters “down” so that they protect the windows is a very simple and direct process.

These shutters are held up by an Allen wrench that sits inside a pre-drilled hole in the arm of the shutter.

Taking these out is a very simple process, but make sure you either have someone else hold the shutter or an extra hand to catch the shutter should it fall down!

When under the shutter dislodge the Allen wrench from each shutter arm and slowly lower the shutter all the way down. Once here, take a wing nut to screw the shutter down and into place.

That is all there is to it!

We at The Mobile Home Dealer strongly suggest, when doing this, not to twist the wing nut down too hard as this may lead to not being able to get it off and not allowing you to prop the shutter back up once the storm has come and gone!

2. Look For Loose Items Around Home

Make sure you thoroughly walk around your mobile home property and look for any loose items such as flower planters, flags, or wind chimes to name a few. Each one of these items could get caught up in a storm and turn these lovely items into projectile items that could harm you or your neighbor’s mobile home!

Make sure to take some time and look for anything that can come off the property or that is loosely attached to the mobile home itself and remove them before a storm comes to town.

Taking these items off of your property and placing them either inside your mobile home or within the storage shed that most mobile homes have will help ensure that not only your home but your neighbor’s homes stay safe throughout the storm.

Wall items, such as glasses, decorations, paintings, and similar objects, must also be removed. Not only can these fly and hit someone in no time, but you also don’t want to damage these precious items. Keep them safe and put them back in their original locations later when the storm passes.

By taking these simple, quick, and easy precautions when preparing your mobile home for a storm, you will be well on your way to protecting your home from any storm and looking forward to sunnier days ahead!

They say prevention is better than cure, and preparing your mobile home for a natural disaster is no different. Sometimes, an effortless act can prevent structural and property loss,  injuries, and even death. 

Stay inside your house during the storm

prepare a mobile home against storm

Sarasota Mobile Home

Now that your mobile home is prepared to take on a storm, stay inside your house in a safe place or in the bunker (if you have one). There are lots of stories of people being hit by flying objects and killed or badly injured. You don’t want this to happen to you or your family members.

Include enough food and water in your preparation. Bottled drinking water and some canned foods that can last for at least two days are ideal. The storm may last only for a few minutes but the effect could sometimes last for days and even months.

Lastly, as mobile homeowners, we must be extra diligent in preparing our homes for storms. Mobile homes are more susceptible to damage from high winds than traditional homes, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect your property. Here are some easy ways to prepare your mobile home for a storm:

  1. Secure loose items around your home. Make sure any outdoor furniture or decorations are securely fastened down. Anything that could become a projectile in high winds should be stored away safely.
  2. Bring in any outside plants or potted trees. Loose dirt and debris can cause damage when it’s blown around, so it’s best to bring these items inside until the storm has passed.
  3. Check your windows and doors to ensure they’re properly sealed and secured. Strong winds can cause even small gaps to let in water and debris, so it’s important to ensure everything is tightly sealed before a storm hits.
  4. Have an emergency kit ready with supplies like food, water, flashlights, and first aid supplies. If you lose power or must evacuate your home, you’ll be glad you have this essential kit.
  5. Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy so you know what coverage you have in case of damage from a storm. Many policies have provisions for mobile homes that may not be included in standard homeowners’ insurance policies, so it’s important to know what protections you have in place.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer. We help mobile home Buyers and Sellers improve their lives.

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