3 Things You Need To Know About The Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Park Application Process!


You have been looking and looking for quite some time and have finally found the right mobile home for you and your family within the greater Sarasota Florida area to begin living your best life!

Before you unpack your suitcase and head for the beach you first want to make sure that you are approved by the mobile home park that the home is located in for residency.

This may sound foreign to many, why would someone need to be approved by a mobile home park if they already have the cash ready to buy the mobile home in the first place?

How does that make any sense?

We understand your concern, believe us, so let The Mobile Home Dealer walk you through the three things you will need to know about the mobile home park approval process and how you can prepare yourself to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Mobile homes on leased land within mobile home parks in the greater Sarasota Florida area will always require each would be Buyer to go through some type of application process in order to make sure that they qualify to become a resident.

The reason why mobile home parks in the greater Sarasota area doe this is because they want to make sure that everyone who calls that park home are meeting the same basic guidelines.

Most mobile home parks have a standard process where they will check the applicants credit, criminal back ground and reported income to lot rent ratios in order to make sure the applicant can afford to pay the monthly lot rent due to the mobile home park each month.

While no park manager or owner has ever been able to coherently explain how they weigh each of the above three criteria we do know that most mobile home parks will take a look at everything as a whole in order to get the best picture of who the applicant(s) are in order to make the best decision possible for park approval.

Most mobile home parks within the Sarasota Florida area will want to see around a 2-3 times the reported income to lot rent amount. This can come in the form of retirement, income, savings or other investments the applicant has. It is also important to note that this is all added together for both applicants who are on the application. Expect to have to provide written documentation for all income sources that are added together for your total monthly income.

Regarding the credit score and the criminal background check most parks will do standard credit pulls and federal criminal background checks, expect to have to pay a fee to the park for the processing of these two reports.

Lastly, expect to have to provide photo copies of your identification card(s) as well as to pay a small fee to cover the entire process for both applicants.

Understanding that the mobile home park approval process is another step in purchasing your Sarasota Florida mobile home will help you as the new Buyer plan and organize your time when going through the purchase process.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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