Are Hurricanes A Problem For Sarasota Mobile Home Owners?

Hurricane season is upon us!

With the recent tropical storm Elsa that just went through the Sarasota area it is time to look at how much of a problem hurricanes and tropical storms are for Sarasota mobile home owners.

Many times we hear that mobile homes are not as sturdy as single family homes and when a hurricane comes the owner of the mobile home as well kiss it goodbye as it will fly away in the wind.

But is that really true or is that a myth that has been told over and over?

Mobile homes are actually much more storm resistant then most people give them credit for and we at The Mobile Home Dealer see just how well they hold up throughout storms each and every year.

Most mobile homes throughout the Sarasota are have what are called hurricane tie downs attached to the home itself. When properly installed and maintained mobile home hurricane tie downs will keep your home safe and level throughout an upcoming storm.

Mobile home tie downs are large metal rids that will help prevent the high winds from a hurricane from lifting or moving your mobile home off of its concrete pad. The anchors (also knowns as straps) are driven deep into the ground and anchor your mobile home so that it stays safe and sound throughout the storm season. Pending on what type of soil condition your home sits on will determine what type of tie down is used but, generally speaking, an augar anchor is the most common material that is used. These tie downs are put on all four corners of your mobile home itself and many times they are added to the front, sides and rears of your carport as well.

Tie downs come in two forms and are easily to tell when looking at a mobile home which type of tie down your home has.

The most common tie down that you will see in Sarasota is the over the top tie down system. This system is one of the originals that helps keep mobile homes safe from the high winds of hurricanes and can be seen when looking at a mobile home by seeing that the end of the tie down strap hangs down under the home.

Frame anchors are also used as a hurricane tie down and are usually used on newer models of mobile homes. This is not nearly as common in the Sarasota area as the average age of a mobile home in and around Sarasota County is 1979.

When looking at purchasing a mobile home feel confident that the common belief that mobile homes will just “blow away” during a hurricane is simply not true. Mobile homes that have tie downs are safe and sound and will hold up well to most hurricanes that pass through the Sarasota area!

This is Mark Kaiser from The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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