Want More Money? Sell Your Sarasota Mobile Home Fully Furnished!

In this crazy real estate market that we are all in right now many mobile home Sellers throughout the Sarasota area are looking to see how they too can reap the benefits of a hot Sellers market.

Mobile homes on leased land throughout the Sarasota area are a unique asset class in that they are titled as motor vehicles in the state of Florida and not as real estate because the mobile home comes with a title and not a deed attached to the ownership of the property. As such, a mobile home sale is not required to be posted any where for anyone to see so it is awfully difficult to pull accurate sales comps for any mobile home that has been sold.

Traditionally, mobile homes on leased land do not benefit from the the tremendous surge in price that single family homes do, like wise, they do not depreciate the same way a single family home does when the real estate market goes through a slump as it did at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the nation throughout much of 2020.

The question this is, how does one make more money on the sale of their mobile home if they are not able to see the appreciation of that of a single family home?

What we have seen at The Mobile Home Dealer is in order to capture the most money out of your home you may want to consider selling the home fully furnished, right down to the kitchen table and chairs.

If you look to do this, it really won’t bring you more money at the closing table but it will bring you more money in the speed of which the home is sold?

Do I have you confused yet?!

Let me explain.

Preowned furniture that comes with the mobile home will not have any real value to it what so ever. However, the speed of which a home is sold when it is fully furnished is much quicker than that of a totally empty home. One reason for this is because many mobile homes throughout the Sarasota are are bought as second homes or vacation homes for the new owners. Here, these Buyers are looking for an affordable way to live their Florida dream without having to buy a new mobile home and look to spend several thousand dollars on top of that to furnish the property.

Most mobile home Buyers are looking for a turn key property where they can buy the home, toss their keys on the counter and get to the outdoor activities that they have been dreaming about!

No, going to the furniture store does not factor in to this excitement.

When looking to sell your mobile home for the most money look to provide it fully furnished as we have seen the home will sell faster saving your several thousand dollars in possible lot rent payments. This additional income on the sale of your mobile home won’t exactly come to you in a cash payment but it will stay in your bank account which is all the more reason to consider selling your Sarasota mobile home fully furnished!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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