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So, the time has come when you are ready to finally buy a mobile home within the Sunshine State but are not sure what questions to ask or where to start.

Sound familiar?

Whether this is the first mobile home you are buying or you have bought and sold several mobile homes it is important to know the basics of what to look for in your next purchase.

Buying a mobile home is an excellent way to become a homeowner without having to pay the high cost of a traditional house. But there is much to consider before buying a home in this style. The following information will help you determine the requirements to buy a mobile home and if it is the right investment for you.

Bay Indies-Venice Florida

Bay Indies-Venice Florida

The different types of mobile homes

Generally, there are three options to choose from when buying a mobile home. According to US Census, these are the differences between the two most popular options:


“Square feet can vary from just 600 square feet to 1,300 square feet. The “single-wide” usually 18 feet or less wide and 90 feet or less long The most common size for a “single-wide” house is 72 feet long by 15 feet wide, with a total of 1,080 square feet “


“They usually range between 1,000 square feet and 2,300 square feet. A typical “Double-Wide” house measures 20 feet wide and 90 feet or less long, with an average of 26 by 56 feet. Due to its size, a “Double-Wide” house must be sent as two separate units and join in the Mobile Home Park “

Of course, the size you choose to buy will depend on the size of your family and how much you can pay.

  1. Where Do You Want Your Home To Be Located?

Generally speaking, there are three ways one can purchase a mobile home:

  1. On Land In The Country
  2. In A Park Where You Own The Mobile Home And Own The Land
  3. In A Park Where You Own The Mobile Home And Lease The Land

Each option has its pros and cons and we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, are fans of all avenues.

If you are looking at the lowest buy in the price you usually will want to look at buying in a mobile home park where you own the home and are leasing the land, however, the monthly payment will be the highest.

If you are looking for a lower monthly payment but a higher buy-in price then you will want to look at buying a mobile home in a park where you own the mobile home and the land.

Lastly, if you want to buy real estate and don’t want to purchase a single-family home or condo then buying a mobile home with land in the country will be your best option.

2. What Is Your Monthly Budget

As mentioned above, if you want the lowest monthly payment for park maintenance then you will want to look at buying your mobile home in a park where you own the land and the home.

If you want a lower buy-in price and a higher monthly payment then living in a mobile home park where you own the home and lease the land will be something you want to look at.

Lastly, if you don’t want any monthly fees paid each month then living out in a more rural area will be your best bet.

buy a mobile home

Coachman RV Resort

3. What Age Of Park

Most mobile home parks will be offered one of two ways:

  1. Age Qualified
  2. Family

In an age-qualified park, there will not be allowed to have full-time children living in the home. Sure, if you have kids or grandkids coming to visit a few weeks a year then most mobile home parks will not have a problem with that, however, if they live with you full time that will cause an issue.

4. What Amenities Do You Want In Your Mobile Home Park

Want a pool, workout facility, or dog park? How about tennis courts or a clubhouse with all of the latest technology?

Whatever you can dream up then there is certainly a park that will meet your needs for that.

However, with additional amenities comes additional cost so always make sure to budget that within your monthly expenses.

Buying a mobile home is a major milestone for someone whether it is their first or one of many it is certainly a fun time to be had for all.

When looking at buying a mobile home it is highly suggested you know the answers to the four points above so that when it comes time to purchase your home you have found the park that meets all of your needs before going any further with the purchase process.

If you can’t buy a traditional house, a mobile home is always a good option to consider. Depending on the size of your family and how much you can pay, you can opt for a single, double, or triple-wide mobile home.

Buying a mobile home can be a great way to invest in your home ownership. It is important to understand the process and to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful purchase.

First, you need to decide what type of mobile home you want to buy. You can choose from single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide styles. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making your selection.

Next, you should research the different mobile home dealers in your area. Look for dealers that specialize in the type of mobile home you are interested in, such as single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide. You should also investigate their reputation and read online reviews.

Once you have chosen a dealer, it is important to negotiate the price, terms, and conditions of the sale. This will involve discussing any financing options available, as well as making sure that all legal documents are in order. Be sure to ask lots of questions to make sure you understand everything involved in the purchase.

Finally, you need to arrange for the actual transport of the mobile home. You may need to hire a professional transporter or work with the dealer to arrange a delivery service. Once the mobile home is delivered, you can then move in and begin to enjoy your new home.

The Mobile Home Dealer are licensed mobile home broker in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas. We provide professional buy and/or sell assistance to our clients. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by clicking this link. You may also visit our Facebook Page and send us a message.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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