5 Reasons Why Mobile Homes Are Great Investments

As prices continue to rise in the real estate market, apartment home rents are near an all time high and interest rates for traditional mortgages creep up to levels we have not seen in years one needs to think more about an affordable housing option.

But, with this thought, does one even exist?!

The answer, without a doubt is yes!

Enter the world of mobile homes!

For the longest time mobile homes have been the pillar of affordable housing within the United States and now, more than ever, it stands head and shoulders above all other housing options when looking at affordability and how a Buyer can get the most bang for their housing buck.

Today, we want to discuss with all our readers the 5 reasons why mobile homes in and around the state of Florida area great investments.

  1. Affordable

As mentioned above, with all other housing options sky rocketing throughout the economy where else can one buy their own stand alone home for the cost of an average used car? Not only that but when buying a mobile home within a mobile home park many parks offer the vast majority of the utilities and maintenance fees associated with owning a home in one payment called lot rent. Here, lot rent will usually cover the residents water, sewer, trash, lawn care and usage of amenities such as the pool, clubhouse, dog parks and work out facilities.

Where else in this economy can one have high end amenities all paid for and taken care of for one low monthly fee?!

2. Tangible

When renting an apartment home the rent that is paid each month goes to the landlord or apartment complex. At the end of the rental period there is nothing to show for this other than a paper invoice.

When owning your own mobile home you, as the owner, have something you can sell to recoup your expenses for living.

3. Easy To Maintain

As discussed in previous blogs, a mobile home has a much different structure than that of a single family home. Many of the differences are in the wall, flooring and roof structures.

When something needs to be fixed to one of the major components of a mobile home it is far less expensive to fix than that of a single family home.

4. Say The Same Price

Most mobile homes do not gain much in value, likewise, they do not lose much in value either. The nice part about this fact is that by having the price stay around the same this will help you, as the Buyer, to better estimate the cost of a mobile home when looking to purchase one in the future.

Keeping your costs set when buying a mobile home will help with your budgeting.

5. Cash Purchase

Most mobile home purchases are done within a cash transaction. With cash transactions being the main way how these homes are sold it avoids the extra expenses and time associated with the purchase or sale of a single family home who normally have a mortgage associated with the ownership of the home.

Cash transactions will help the owner of the home buy or sell the property faster and for less money than that of a home with a traditional mortgage attached to it.

When looking at all living situations one can partake in we highly suggest everyone take a long look at owning a mobile home as the cost savings, ease of maintenance and speed of the transaction are all aspects that put the mobile home option at the top of affordable housing!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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