Can A Sarasota Mobile Home Get Evicted For Unpaid Lot Rent?

Can A Sarasota Mobile Home Be Evicted For Unpaid Lot Rent?

Is it possible for a mobile home park to evict a mobile home for not paying their lot rent?

As we have discussed in the past, when living in a mobile home park that has leased land, the Owner of the home needs to pay the park each month for usage to the land the home sits on.

This payment, as we have reviewed several times, is called your monthly lot rent.

Paying your lot rent insures the Owner of the home has access to usage of the land for the month so that their home can reside on the same piece of property without any issues from the mobile home park.

Each mobile home park, has a long list of do’s and don’ts, that each resident is required to abide by when living in the park.

This list is put together in what is referred to as a Mobile Home Park Prospectus.

Each park you visit will have unique portions to their prospectus, such as what types of dogs are allowed, to what types of vehicles may be parked at each home, right down to how the park wants you to hang your Holiday decorations.

As a general rule of thumb, usually the nicer the park, the more restrictions they have.

Although each park will have their unique requirements, one of the main requirements is the same in all of the park prospectus, that we at The Mobile Home Dealer have reviewed, and that is, the importance of paying your monthly lot rent on time each month.

One needs to view their lot rent payment just like any other monthly bill. If it is not paid in full on time each month, then the company such as the park in this situation, will have a process that they can follow in order to ensure the payment of the lot rent is made each month.

This is the same way as a car payment is made. If the payment for the car is not made on time each month for some reason, then the lien holder on the car could very well come and take your vehicle for failure to pay on time.

Much the same with your car payment, the mobile home park can do with your mobile home!

Most parks will have a clause in the prospectus that states, “If the lot rent is not paid on time each month, then the park could move to evict the home from the park for failure to pay.”

So what really does that mean?

This statement means is that the park could legally kick your home out of the mobile home park itself and force it to be moved!

So next question is, what happens if you are unable to move the home or if it is too old or not in good enough shape for it to be moved?

If that is the case, then the mobile home park will usually move to repossess your home, if the lot rent is that far back on payment.

This can be done through taking your home to auction by the local Sheriff Department and auction it off for sale!

We at the Mobile Home Dealer always recommend in order for you to avoid this terrible situation, to always pay your lot rent on time each and every month.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life!
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