Can Mobile Homes Be Used As Investment Properties?!

Mobile Homes As Investments?!

It seems like when you turn on any reality TV show that has to do with selling a home or remodeling a home, it always goes back to single family homes, doesn’t it?

You know the type of show is I’m referring to you.

For sake of not wanting to mention any specific show on this video, it is safe to say that anyone who has ever a channel surfed over about the past decade knows these shows.

One thing that I think is always interesting is that I have personally never seen a show explaining the benefits of investing in mobile homes as investment properties as these shows always focus on that of a single family home or sometimes an apartment complex.

Although apartment buildings and single family home rentals certainly are the tried and true way to put one’s money in if they are looking at purchasing a piece of real estate for investment purposes, I always ask myself why doesn’t someone do a show about investing in mobile homes on leased land as possible rental properties?

My goal today in this brief video is to give you a very, very basic understanding on mobile homes as an investment vehicle when used as a rental home.

First, let’s go over the basics so we are all on the same page about what we are talking about here.

As we have discussed several times in the past, mobile homes on leased land are viewed as and taxed as used vehicles in the state of Florida which means that you do not pay property taxes on the home. We have also discussed in the past that most mobile homes in and around the Gulf Coast of Florida are older than 1976 models which means that it is difficult to obtain a mortgage or loan on them as nearly all pre-owned homes of that age are sold and purchased in cash. We have also discussed lot rent, it is the monthly carrying costs most all parks have which covers the usage of land as well as basic utilities, such as water, sewer, trash and lawn care. Additionally, we have mentioned in the past that most mobile home parks in the area allow rentals so long as they are either seasonal or annual rentals.

We are all aware of the need for affordable housing options as apartment wait lists are continuing to increase. The apartment rents go up accordingly as well. Buying a single family home right now as an investment property is just plain bananas with how high the real estate market is swelling at the time of this video.

With all that understood, let’s peel back the onion a little bit here.

Most mobile homes only have lot rent as a monthly carrying cost for the owner that they need to pay each month. Most apartments do not offer to your door parking or a lot of times even laundry services within the apartment unit for the base price of the rent. As we all know many people are moving to Florida right now looking for affordable places to live than ever before. Mobile homes on leased land usually don’t carry debt as we have mentioned which brings down your the owners liability when looking to rent the property.

With all of these things mentioned, do you see all the immediate needs that mobile home rentals meet right out of the shoot?

Mobile homes on leased land are fantastic investment vehicles for those folks who are looking to invest but do not want to take on debt or get into a bidding war with other investors trying to purchase traditional real estate!

We look forward to answering any questions you have on mobile home investing and we will be happy to answer additional questions in the coming weeks through our video series on this topic. Feel free to contact us directly with a specific question or drop a comment and a question in the comments below.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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