How Are Property Taxes Determined On A Sarasota Mobile Home?

How Are Mobile Home Property Taxes Determined?

I figured today we would want to discuss something that is very exciting when reviewing the idea of purchasing a mobile home on leased land.

The idea is that ever so exciting world of property taxes.

Please, you out there in the back, hold your enthusiasm, as I can tell that everyone is as excited as I am to bring this topic to you today!

I am so sure that you will enjoy this topic, that by the end of this video, you will be happy you watched it all the way through as we will be getting you some valuable information on the cost of property taxes when you are purchasing a mobile home on leased land in Florida.

As a quick review, when purchasing a mobile home on leased land, one is purchasing personal property in the state of Florida, as personal property carries with it a title and not a deed and when ownership is transferred.

I know what you’re thinking. Mark, we’re talking about a mobile home. The word home is in it. Cars have titles, houses have deeds!

Although you are, in fact, correct with what you’re saying, it is important to mention that within the state of Florida, mobile homes that are located on leased land are viewed as, and taxed as, automobiles in the state of Florida, not as real estate.

Having a title associated with the home and not a deed means that the home will be registered with the state Department of Motor Vehicles and not the county courthouse. So with that quick review behind us, do you even need to pay property taxes on a mobile home that is located within a park on leased land?

The answer, as you can tell is no.

No, you do not have to pay property taxes, when the home is located on leased land here in the Sunshine State. This creates a tremendous cost savings for the owner, as when you are buying the home and the land, then each year you, as the owner, will have to pay property taxes to the county the home is located in.

Many times, this will add up to several thousands of dollars not needing to be paid each and every year to the county!

When owning a mobile home on leased land, this expense of property taxes, literally, it doesn’t exist.

What does exist, however, when purchasing a mobile home on leased land within the state of Florida, is that of sales tax as well as a county surtax that is assessed on the sales price of the purchase of that mobile home.

So here is an example.

Let’s say you purchase a mobile home in Sarasota County that is located on leased land and you pay $10,000 for the purchase of that mobile home. State sales tax on that will be 6%, or around $600 at the time of this recording. Sarasota County surtax is an additional $50 on the price of this purchase.

So, $650 will be owed at the time of purchase, and that’s it. No further tax is owed on the home and certainly no darn property tax.

When you are thinking about whether you should purchase a mobile home on leased land or a mobile home with the land included, I feel it is important to weigh all costs on the ownership of the home, one of which being the fact that when living on leased land, you save tons of money each year.

I hope this helps everyone out there better understand why mobile homes on leased land are such an affordable housing option!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer, and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.
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