How Much Does It Cost To Sell Your Mobile Home Yourself In Sarasota?

Cost Of Selling Your Mobile Home Yourself
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When I was working through all my new leads this week, I made over 150 calls to mobile home sellers looking to sell their mobile homes themselves.

I found it very interesting, during all of these conversations, why sellers want to sell their home themselves and how….. expensive it is to do that!

My team and I found these homes for sale by seeing the sellers’ For Sale By Owner signs in their front yard.

All of the 150 people I spoke with are trying to sell their home themselves without the help of a licensed mobile home broker, such as the Mobile Home Dealer. The homes I called on are located in in either Bradenton, Sarasota, or Venice, Florida.

During my conversations with all of these sellers, I found that essentially the sellers really had two concerns when working with a brokerage firm.

The first is the seller felt that they could do a broker’s job and marketing showing and giving their home enough exposure to sell, regardless of if they live in the state of Florida or not. The second concern the sellers had was the commission with the brokerage firm and how that amount of money would actually cost them more if they went to go sell their home on their own. Most sellers were utilizing just their For Sale By Owner signs in their yard, with no paid advertising of any kind and no marketing to out of state buyers whatsoever.

All of the sellers I spoke to were hoping someone would drive by, see their sign and make an offer that they were willing to accept for the sale of their home.  Here at The Mobile Home Dealer, we do market locally, but our main focus is finding out of state buyers who are ready to move to Florida for the winter or for full time living.

We do not wait for the buyer to find us. No. We find the buyer and bring them to the seller.

The seller’s next concern was the issue of cost and that they felt a brokerage firm such as The Mobile Home Dealer would charge them more than what it would cost them to sell their home themselves.

Now, although I can appreciate the seller’s desire to save money, the numbers I will discuss with you next show that’s not a valid concern.

In Bradenton Florida, the mobile home park lot rent average is $513 per month. Bradenton sellers are averaging six months of listing their home themselves without any assistance. Today on average, Bradenton sellers have spent $3,078 in trying to sell their home themselves.

For Sarasota, mobile home park lot rent averages, $837.33 per month. Sarasota sellers are averaging five months of their home being on the market without any assistance.  Sarasota sellers have spent on average $4,186 in trying to sell their homes on their own.

Lastly, in Venice, mobile home park lot rent averages over $940 per month. Venice sellers homes are on the market for over either months without any selling assistance from a broker. Venice sellers are spending over $7,500 to date selling their home themselves without assistance of a mobile home broker.

To recap, when a seller is looking to sell their homes on their own, they are, on average, paying the following amounts to do so:

Bradenton $3,078, Sarasota $4,186, Venice over $7,500.

I believe when you are looking to sell your mobile home and keep both costs and time down, you may want to look at a brokerage firm such as The Mobile Home Dealer that specializes in selling mobile homes on leased land to list your home for sale.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer our goal is to work with you in getting your mobile home sold quickly so you can begin living your best life, now.

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