Moving Day! Your Sarasota Mobile Home Is SOLD!

The day has finally come!

You have gone through the process of listing your mobile home with a qualified mobile home broker, they have listed, marketed, shown your home and now you have an accepted offer!

But, wait… you still need to pack your things and move!

How long do you have to do this?!

Once the excitement has died down and you are ready to start going through the process of getting your belongings packed up to begin your next adventure how long is too long to ask when moving your things?

This is a common question that we run in to on a regular basis here at The Mobile Home Dealer and one that we feel needs to be addressed both in the reasonable sense as well as the real world of mobile home buying and selling.

Many times Sellers who are looking to sell their mobile home do not review the question of how long they will need to move until the home is sold.

This one questions that we need to have answered during our initial listing appointment and not wait to get this answer until the home has been had an accepted offer on.

The reason for this is we need to express this time frame to all Buyers who are inquiring about the home as many times the Buyers who are looking to purchase a mobile home throughout the greater Sarasota area are looking to purchase and move in sooner rather than later and by explaining to them how long the Seller needs to move out will greatly help them in making their decision on whether to they will buy the property.

Many times Buyers will want to move in and begin enjoying their new mobile home right after they have signed the purchase paperwork and have a park approval on file with the park. Although this is a great idea one that can certainly be done if the home is vacant it can not be achieved if the home is currently being lived in.

Most Sellers will request a thirty day window for them to pack and move their belongings if they are currently living full time within the mobile home that is being sold. Thirty days is a reasonable time frame but one that should not be extended past this date as anything longer than this time period will drag on the closing and could certainly lead to losing the sale due to the urgency that the Buyer has to move in.

The time for which the Seller can move out is a major negotiating factor during closing as this will determine what day of the month the Buyer will take over the property and who will be responsible for the months lot rent.

If the home is vacant we always suggest allowing the Buyer to move in as fast as possible but if the home is currently being lived in full time than thirty days or less is a reasonable time frame to pack up and be ready for the new Buyers to begin enjoying their new home.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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