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Are you planning to buy a mobile home but can’t decide what to buy? If you are new to mobile homes and are considering living in the Sarasota Florida area, continue reading.

When looking to purchase your new Sarasota Florida mobile home one needs to decide if they should buy a single-wide or double-wide mobile home.

Buying a mobile home whether used or new requires a lot of time, effort, and headaches sometimes! The market is full of a wide range of mobile homes one can find interesting to buy! There are specific factors to guide you of course! Your budget is the primary one perhaps, as well as the size of your family. 

Bay Indies-Venice Florida

Bay Indies-Venice Florida

If you are a lover of mobile homes you might find difficulty in choosing a single or double-wide mobile home for your family or perhaps even triple-wide! Let’s discuss single-wide vs double-wide homes and understand how they can be compared! Single wide vs double wide mobile homes, which is better to buy?

Both home sizes provide both pros and cons but before you decide which size you prefer you should know the difference between the two mobile homes so that you are able to make the best decision you can when purchasing in the Sarasota Florida area.

A single-wide mobile home, also known as a “single” is a singular-section mobile home without an adjoining section from the factor. Generally speaking, these homes are going to be 12 feet wide and can vary in length from 30 feet to as long as 54 feet long. To calculate the square footage of the home a Buyer needs to multiply the length of the home by the width of the home to get a good idea of exactly how large the property is.

Most single-wide mobile homes will either be one or two bedrooms and usually one full bathroom.

These homes will have a straight hallway that runs the majority of the home where off to one side will be the bathroom and additional bedroom. On one end of the home will be the master, or only, bedroom and on the other end the home will open up into the kitchen and living area.

A double-wide mobile home, also known as simply a “double” is a multi-section mobile home with the exact same side on either side of the home. These sides are then banded together in the middle of the home in order to create a doublewide mobile home. Generally speaking, doublewide mobile homes will be 24 feet wide and can range in length from 32 feet long to as long as 60 + feet. Much like the single-wide, the double-wide will be calculated the same way for square footage by multiplying the total width by the total length of the property.

Most doublewide mobile homes will have two or three bedrooms and one and a half to two full bathrooms.

Doublewide mobile homes usually have a more open floor plan with the hallway going to the bedrooms and bathrooms in the middle of the home. The kitchen is usually larger than a single-wide as is the living room, both of these rooms are usually on opposite sides of the home providing the property with a much more spacious floor plan.

As one can quickly see, a doublewide is exactly what it sounds like in that it is double the size of a single-wide mobile home providing more space and a more open floor plan.

With additional space does come additional costs that every Buyer should be conscious of.

In the state of Florida, when buying a double-wide mobile home, one will have to pay for two titles and two registrations when registering the home whereas with a single wide the Buyer only pays for one. This expense will be twice the cost for the doublewide as compared to if the Buyer had a single-wide home.

Electricity will generally be more expensive in a doublewide mobile home as well since it is taking twice the power to operate the home as opposed to a single wide.

Lastly, some mobile home parks in the Sarasota Florida area will have higher lot rent for a doublewide mobile home as opposed to the lot rent associated with a single-wide mobile home.

Sun Shine RV Resort

Sun Shine RV Resort

Pros and Cons of single-wide and double-wide mobile homes

Single-wide Pros

  • Less expensive
  • Lower taxes
  • Quick construction and set-up (for new manufactured homes)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to move (for new mobile homes 20 years old and younger)

Singe-wide cons

  • Smaller and limited floor space
  • Harder to sell
  • Limited design and upgrades

Pros for double-wide

  • More floor space
  • Easier to sell
  • Flexibility in a floor plan
  • Design flexibility

Cons of double-wide

  • More expensive
  • Higher taxes
  • Longer construction/installment period
  • Expensive to set up
  • Expensive to move

When looking to buy a mobile home throughout the Sarasota Florida area there are plenty of doublewides and single-wide mobile homes to choose from, knowing the cost difference, as well as the size difference, is a good place to start when shopping for your new mobile home.!

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This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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