What Are Sarasota Florida Mobile Home Park Models?

Have you seen a mobile home like the one pictured above in a mobile home park within the greater Sarasota Florida area before?

When seeing this type of home, have you been confused as to what it is and what it is all about?


The home in the image above is called a park model mobile home.

Park model mobile homes are different from the traditional single or doublewide mobile homes that one normally sees during their travels throughout most mobile home parks.

These homes offer the same cost efficient benefits as traditional mobile homes, only they carry with them several differences that are worth highlighting.

Park model mobile homes are traditionally much shorter in length then regular mobile homes with an average length being around 32 feet long. These homes are usually just as wide as traditional single wide mobile homes with a twelve foot width.

Park model mobile homes do have a different type of registration associated with them then the traditional single wide and doublewide mobile homes in that they have a physical license plate that go with them instead of that of a registration sticker. The reason for the actual license plate is because park model mobile homes are much smaller in weight and size then traditional mobile homes and, as a result, can be transported in a far smaller truck then what would be needed for a traditional mobile home transport.

Many times we, here at The Mobile Home Dealer, see park model mobile homes within parks that allow both mobile homes and RV’s.

The reason for this is that many park model mobile homes can be placed on traditional travel trailer sites just like RV’s can be and do not need the additional space to set up for a single or doublewide mobile home.

Park model mobile homes usually always will be one bedroom and one bathroom. Here throughout the greater Sarasota Florida area, we see that these park model mobile homes have attached screened in porches that can be enclosed to add an additional bedroom further adding to the usability of these units.

Like any type of mobile home, prices vary quite a bit based on the age and condition of the home a Buyer is looking to purchase.

New park model mobile homes can often reach into the mid to high $50,000 range for top of the line, state of the art homes while other park models that are dated or have the need for updates can be closer to the $10,000 range.

When looking at a park model home we strongly suggest that you assess the home just like you would when looking to buy a traditional mobile home. Always make sure that the structural components of the home such as the roof, flooring system and air conditioning system are in good working order and up to date on all service as these will be your most expensive repairs should they need to be done during the ownership time of your home.

When looking at an affordable, efficient mobile home we would strongly suggest you take a look at a park model mobile home as these are often the type of units that get overlooked by many Buyers which can create ample opportunity to get a great deal on one!

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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