How To Budget For Your Sarasota Mobile Home-Roof Repairs.

When looking at repairing a mobile home located in the Sarasota Florida area one of the biggest expenses one can incur is when the roof needs to be replaced.

Most roofs on a mobile home will last any where between 25-30 years depending in large part on how well it has been taken care of as well as how many storms the roof has had to endure during its life.

One of the ways to help prolong the life of the roof is to make sure the owner of the mobile home repairs any small leaks that occur during the life of the roof.

To spot a leak in the roof of the mobile home one doesn’t need to look far.

It is quite simple to spot small leaks, the easy way to do this is walk throughout your mobile home and look at the ceiling to see if you see any damp spots. Most ceilings of a mobile home are white in color, if the roof is a little damp then the white color will take on a slight shade of tan. If this we spot is not taken care of quickly then many times the light tan color will turn into a dark brown color over time as the water starts to dry out.

If you happen to see a wet sport start to form, don’t get discouraged, immediately contact a roofing professional and they will be able to come out to your mobile home and complete a roof patch job. This patch job is very similar to that of a tire on a car receiving a patch job instead of an entirely new tire-the patch will work for the problem area but it will not give the tire a brand new feel overall.

If the roofing professional feels that a patch job will work, great, it will be far cheaper going this route instead of putting on a brand new roof to your mobile home.

If the home has had several patch jobs or if the roof is in overall bad shape then looking at putting a roof over on your mobile home may be the best idea.

Most mobile homes throughout Sarasota don’t get brand new roofs in the traditional sense. What they will get is a roof over which is when a roofing company puts on a new roof on top of the current roof.

Having this done is why this process is called a roof over.

Roof overs are the cheapest ways to put on a new roof and a way to add several decades of dry living to your mobile home.

If the original roof is in such bad shape and has the home has suffered extensive ceiling damage from the defective roof then a roof replacement with a new roofing membrane might need to be built on to your home.

This process is by far the most expensive as it includes not only a roof over but also the removal of all the interior portions of the previous roof.

If the home is in bad shape and requires this type of a repair then many mobile home owners will just look to demolish the home instead of repairing it as this repair will many times cost more than the entire home is worth.

Having a dry place to live is something that many of us take for granted.

If you see a leak in your mobile home roof make sure you get it assessed early on as a quick inexpensive patch job may be all that is needed. If you delay getting this looked at and it continues to get worse over time then a small leak that could have been fixed quickly may lead into thousands of thousands of dollars needing to be spent.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer and we help mobile home Buyers and Sellers get to a better place in life.

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