As winter approaches, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your manufactured home furnace becomes a top priority. Regular maintenance is key to preventing breakdowns, improving energy efficiency, and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of your heating system. In this article, we will explore valuable mobile home heating maintenance tips that you can perform yourself, along with some tasks that are best left to qualified professionals.

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  1. Professional Inspection:
    Furnace manufacturers universally recommend an annual professional inspection of critical components such as fuel lines, safety controls, burners, and flue pipes. Many utility companies offer free inspections, providing an excellent opportunity to ensure that your heating system is in optimal condition for the winter months.
  2. Filter Replacement:
    Regularly replacing disposable furnace filters is a simple yet effective maintenance task that can significantly impact performance. For permanent filters, remove and wash them, or use a brush or vacuum to eliminate accumulated dust. Clean filters contribute to better air quality and prevent strain on the system.
  3. Thermostat Care:
    Take a moment to remove the cover of your thermostat and vacuum away any accumulated dust and dirt. A clean thermostat ensures accurate temperature readings, enabling your heating system to operate more efficiently.
  4. Exhaust Vent Inspection:
    Inspect the exhaust vent from the furnace to ensure it is free of obstructions, such as leaves or animal nests. It’s crucial to maintain clear pathways for exhaust gasses to escape. Additionally, keep roof exhaust vents free of excess snow build-up to prevent potential ventilation issues.
  5. Blower Motor and Belt Maintenance:
    Vacuum accumulated dirt around the blower motor and inspect the V-belt and pulleys for wear. If the belt moves more than an inch when pushed, tighten it to maintain proper tension. Regular checks of the blower motor and belt contribute to the overall efficiency of your heating system.
  6. Air Intake Inspection:
    Many manufactured home furnaces draw combustion air from beneath the home. Ensure there are four to six vents in the skirting to allow free air passage for the intake. This simple step aids in maintaining the proper air-to-fuel ratio for combustion.
  7. Flue Assembly and Wiring Check:
    Inspect the flue assembly for alignment and rigidity, ensuring it runs in a straight line from the furnace through the ceiling. Confirm that the flue is securely attached to the furnace collar. Check for loose wiring in the flue area and move it away from the flue pipe to prevent any safety hazards.
  8. Fireproofing Furnace Compartment:
    Remove any carpeting in the furnace compartment and replace it with fireproof material. Some manufactured home furnaces have wire mesh in front of the stack to prevent storage on top of the furnace. If this mesh is missing, be sure to replace it.
  9. Clear Furnace Area of Debris:
    Regularly clean out debris in the furnace area, ensuring that even small amounts do not accumulate. Never use your furnace closet for storage or drying clothes, as this poses a significant fire hazard.


Taking proactive steps to maintain your manufactured home furnace not only ensures a warm and comfortable living environment during winter but also safeguards against potential safety risks. By combining simple DIY tasks with professional inspections, you can enjoy the benefits of an efficiently operating heating system while minimizing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Make heating maintenance a priority, and you’ll be well-prepared to face the colder months with confidence and peace of mind.


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