What Are Soft Spots In A Sarasota Mobile Home?!

What Are Soft Spots In A Mobile Home?
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What are soft spots in a mobile home floor and how big of a problem are they?

Have you ever walked into a mobile home and felt the floor sag a little?

Have you been in a mobile home and looked through the window to see the light hit the floor and notice there’s a bit of a ripple effect?

Or, worse yet, have you ever been like me and have walked into the doorway of a mobile home only for the floor to feel like it was falling out from under you and you would immediately jump off to save yourself!?

No? Well, for your sanity I sure hope you haven’t had that experience!

What all are soft spots in a mobile home, and really are they that big of a problem?

The term soft spot is used in the mobile home industry which describes when a portion of the floor gets wet and begins to give way ever so slightly. If not treated correctly when the soft spot is initially noticed this could lead to an even bigger soft spot, which eventually leads into a hole in the floor!

Soft spots can be created from a spill of water over time.

Many times this happens through a toilet running over, a bathtub constantly being overfilled, maybe a dishwasher or sink that leaks on a regular basis, or many times when a pipe under the actual home bursts and begins to spray water on the subfloor.

The owner doesn’t know that is even happening!

Water is one of the main issues that a mobile home faces that will hurt the structure of the home, and it is of utmost importance that all mobile home owners keep on top of their floors if they ever sense that there is a soft spot beginning.

Make sure if you leave the home for a few months or even just travel for a couple of weeks that you go to the back of the mobile home and turn off the water from the main valve in order to help protect you from possible pipes bursting while you’re out.

This is not a fool proof fix for pipes breaking, but it is something certainly to be on the offensive in order to help protect your home from soft spots when the pipes may or may not burst.

We’ll continue to discuss soft spots in later blog posts in the coming weeks, as this is a common concern that many mobile home buyers and sellers come to us on a regular basis asking.

The good news is that soft spots are not a big deal, especially if handled correctly right from the start.

This is Mark Kaiser with The Mobile Home Dealer. We help mobile home buyers and sellers get to a better place in life.

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